VPSA Oxygen Plant- Quality Product Selection from Manufacturer and Supplier

VPSA Oxygen Plant- Quality Product Selection from Manufacturer and Supplier

VPSA is abbreviated for Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption, which is a technology adapted for manufacturing Oxygen Plants. Industrial Oxygen plants are used for creating pure oxygen from atmospheric air, but these plants should be selected with great care, one shouldn’t compromise with the quality of these oxygen plants. At Trimech India we ensure our clients get best manufactured oxygen plants, we work in highly cooperation with the clients to understand their needs. We are one of the best VPSA Oxygen Plant manufacturer and supplier over the country.

VPSA works in two cycles, one for production and other for regeneration. The production of oxygen is done with help of large porous adsorption agents, usually zeolite molecular sieves to bind individual constituents of the air. If higher flow is required we generally suggest VPSA Oxygen Plant. VPSA uses the low pressure blowers for energy efficiency. The compressed air enters the Absorbers and nitrogen is absorbed while the oxygen remains in vessel. After a while the adsorption process is interrupted and nitrogen gas is desorbed by vacuum pump. VPSA oxygen Plants are used in uranium recovery, steel industry, gold purification, water treatment etc.

Trimech India industrial Oxygen Plant guarantees the safety, reliability, ease of operation and all this in minimum installation time and at competitive cost.  Trimech India never compromise in quality of products.

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