Pressure Vessels

In Pressure Vassals the pressure is obtained from circuitous source or by application of heat from an indirect source or direct. Pressure Vessels clutch liquids or gases glowing above, or below, ambient pressures. Most pressure vessels are welded steel cylinders with curved or dished cranium closures. Pressure vessel design and operation are securely controlled by manufacturing organizations it is scantily to handle high Pressure constitutes significant safety hazard.

Mainly Vessels terminates at:

  1. Circumferential joint for welded end connections
  2. Face of the first flange in bolted flange connections
  3. Threaded joint in threaded connections

Trimech Engineers has the experience to design and manufacture pressure vessels that meet your relevance requirement. Pressure Vessels used to provide heat treatment to liquids under fixed pressure.

We can offer affordable cost effectively produce & delivering equipments from high quantity orders of small, standard air receivers to very large, pressure vessel fabrications,  vacuum, cooling, heating, separation or secondary containment vessels, which are best use in chemical industries.  The vessels are vertical in shape provide with stand our manufacture vessels up to 100 tons stainless steel and exotic alloys, we supply Cylindrical Pressure vessels, Stainless steel pressure vessels, Industrial Pressure Vessels.

Application for Pressure Vessels

  • Cosmetics processing
  • Chemical Industries
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Energy Processing
  • Fuel Industry


Characteristics of Pressure Vessels:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • high strength
  • Light weight
  • easy and convenient installation
  • Automotive

Some of Key Features include:

  • Superior quality, competitive price, stable guarantee system.
  • Packaging and painting for customers requirements;
  • Excellence under Pressure.
  • Easily transported easily.

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