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Trimech Specializes in design, installation, and engaged in the manufacture, supplying of Air Pollution Control Equipments, Ventilation and fume exhaust systems and many more. Our Industrial Air Pollution Control is ideal for controlling the air pollution from stationary sources and offering original site investigation, Project Management, and supply equipments etc.

Industrialization is spreading rapidly and is necessary for the development of nation. On the other side, there is a threat to nature. Harmful emission in the air or water can damage the environment hence it is important to recover such toxic particulate matter from the exhaust gas. There are numerous ways to ensure that such pollutants are not released. Scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters are some of the designs that retains particles and release clean air. Bag filters have been the choice for most of the industries these days. Bag filters have equally distributed 6 to 8 septa filters to avoid over expansion due to pressure. The filters are placed close to each other to ensure efficient filtration. The newer type of filters makes use of weaver of composite material to turn off the harm that may cause people. The static filter helps in efficient trapping of micro dust or minute particulate matter. This property also enhances good air permeability and long life of the bag filters. The filter bags needs to be intact and physically strong so that the wind pressure does not disrupt its structure. This can be achieved by fixing bonding jumper to the bag filter. They have self cleaning ability because it can blow the blowback air by itself to blow off the dust in the bag.

Bag filter

Dust Collector is a vital part of any industrial operation and has been an important part of an industrial process since years. There are different types of industrial set up hence it is important to choose the type of dust collector that fits best to your need. Trimech India – dust collector manufacturer and supplier assists you to select one that can give your industrial process a maximum advantage. Dust collector manufacturer- Trimech India supports the making of its dust collector in a curetted design to fulfill needs as per industrial requirement without any inflated rates.

Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collectors are the simplest and least expensive dust collection devices for industrial Pollution control. As dust loaded air mixture enters the cyclone, it creates a vortex due to centrifugal action.

A cyclone dust collector uses cyclonic separation to eliminate particulates air without the use of filters, during vortex separation. Rotational effects and gravity are used to divide mixtures of solids. Our series of Cyclone types dust collector used for set of heavier dust particles in various industries.

Cyclone Type

Ash Conditioners are designed to work on a continuous basis accepting a controlled feed of material from a Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Rotary Valve, etc. TRIMECH manufacture and supply our client superior quality Ash Conditioner , Due to high quality and durability this Rotary Ash Conditioner is famous among its user.

Ash Conditioner

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