Skip Hoist System

Skip Hoist is one type of material lifting equipment by which we can convey material to any height. This is equipment which in a less space can carry material to any height irrespective of material size, liquid or solid. It is manufactured under the stern guidance of our deft professionals with the aid of modish techniques. Moreover, this Skip Hoist Conveyor is available in most affordable price range.


How It Works:

  • The Skip Hoist is powered by electric winches. During operation the Skip can be lifted to the certain height where the material is emptied.
  • The Skip has four wheels running in four internal rails installed to the stationary frame.
  • Designed speed is 0 – 14 m/min. The winches are installed on the floor, while the sheaves are installed on top of the steel structure. In order to prevent contact between the front loader and the skip, a steel barrier and wheel stoppers are installed in front of the skip hoist. Loading can only take place when the skip (bucket) is in the lower position.
  • Front loader operator can drive in and pour material into the skip.
  • The Skip Hoist is started by remote control and the winches drive the bucket to the end of the skip hoist and empties the material for the further process. After, the bucket returns to its starting position. And again, the front loader operator can supply again the material into the bucket and the process repeats.

Technical Features To Showcase

Following major components for TRIMECH Skip Hoist System are used

  • Custom design for Skip(Bucket)
  • Twin Hoisting Cables
  • Electric Winches
  • Main Frame heavy structure
  • Loader Barrier
  • Roller-Track Design
  • Position & emergency limit switch for end stop
  • Rope slack limit switch
  • Rotary Switch for end stop


  • Skip Hoist Conveyor which ever use in different materials conveying in different way
  • Robustness and space saving
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Low Horsepower, Energy- Efficient Motor
  • Maintenance is cheaper since main maintenance part will be the rope replacement
  • Automatic operations
  • Use in Solids, Granules, Concrete, Coal, Rocks, Chemicals etc.
  • Can Handled any Shape or Size of material

Technical Specifications

Technical ParametersData
CapacityUp to 30 TPH.
MOCMS/SS as per client’s Requirement/Application

Product USP

  • Trimech Has one of the noteworthy manufacturers and suppliers of the domain, engaged in providing an optimum quality range of Skip Hoist Conveyor.
  • Trimech Has Variety of Operation from Mild Steel, Stainless steel 304/316, Batching or Continuous Conveying, Mobile Units, Pilot Plant.
  • Trimech provide Skip Hoist System of width range as per Customer’s requirements/specifications.
  • Also, Capacity of Trimech make Skip Hoist System is up to 30 TPH and Height up to 25 meter.

After Sales Service

  • After sales service is very important term in any product selling to take care of and feed your valued customers after they buy your product.
  • We will provide instant after sales services for clients, we will provide our service engineer to the site within 48 hours from the client’s intimation.
  • We are providing free pre-installation services to the client before our system installation.
  • At the time of installation or after successful commissioning, we are providing Operation and Maintenance manual for better understanding of working/maintenance of our system.
  • User training is provided by our experts to propositions user is going to be handling the product.
  • We will provide warrantee to our clients with free replacement or repairing of the system for any problem.
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