Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying System

TRIMECH Closed loop Pneumatic conveying system is a specially designed system to convey the material to multiple discharge points for Prills/Flakes/Powder and material nature like hygroscopic, hazardous material or for the material there is no contamination is required during the production process. Conveying an explosive powder is a severe hazard to the work environment and human safety. The customer’s requirement was to convey this powder without causing any risk of explosion and exposure to people and work environment.

One of the primary features of TRIMECH closed loop system is that the conveying Nitrogen gas can be recovered and reused for conveying. Nitrogen is the most popular choice for most plants that wish to go with this system. Requirement for expensive explosion prevention devices is eliminated as the inert atmosphere nullifies this hazard.

One possible solution for delivering improved efficiency is a closed loop controller that features a flow sensor, a process controller and a control element, all in one unit. As such, a compact and flexible design would enable the flow controller to be installed easily and provide accurate management of the compressors.

Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying System

How It Works:

The system consists of a pneumatic hoist which helps in unloading the jumbo bag from the jumbo bag pallets to the Bag dump station or From Bulker Unloading Or From Manual Unloading And Etc. From the Bag dump station Or From other Feeding Modes, the material is carried in a closed loop in presence of nitrogen gas to clients. It uses a relatively limited amount of N2 to convey material at lower pressures. The material is transported through the system while Oxygen Analyzers are used to measure oxygen (O2) level in the closed loop to ensure work environment and human safety.

Technical Specifications

Technical ParametersData
CapacityUpto 10 TPH.
MOCMS/SS as per client’s requirement/ application


  • Risk of exposure to radioactive and toxic materials can be eliminated by using a closed loop system.
  • Suitable for conveying various hazardous materials which are otherwise difficult.
  • Low operating costs due to re-usage of inert gas(Nitrogen)
  • Safe transfer of dust explosive materials.
  • Conveyance of variety of particle size, shape or bulk densities.
  • Simple and economical system.
  • Handles zero leakage requirements
  • Handles materials from multiple source points distributing to multiple destinations
  • Ensures safety of working people as they are less exposed
  • Eliminates oxygen from the powder before entering into the process
  • Charges in the presence of solvents
  • No product retention
  • No Particle damages
  • Total containment
  • Easy to clean – CIP system
  • Hygienic sterile units

Product USP

  • TRIMECH Closed-loop systems are advantageous because they can reduce human intervention, increase safety and reliability, and lower costs and other hazards involved with handling the products.
  • TRIMECH has been leading specialist in the design and manufacture of quality Flexible and Rigid Close loop Conveying System.
  • Trimech Has Variety of Operation from Mild Steel, Stainless steel 304/316, Batching or Continuous Conveying.
  • We provide Nitrogen based Close loop Conveying system of width range as per Customer’s requirements/specifications.
  • We Also Make Nitrogen Gas Plants So Expert In The Effective Design Calculation
  • Also, Capacity of Trimech make Close loop pneumatic Conveying system is up to 6 TPH.

After Sales Service

  • After sales service is very important term in any product selling to take care of and feed your valued customers after they buy your product.
  • We will provide instant after sales services for clients, we will provide our service engineer to the site within 48 hours from the client’s intimation.
  • We are providing free pre-installation services to the client before our system installation.
  • At the time of installation or after successful commissioning, we are providing Operation and Maintenance manual for better understanding of working/maintenance of our system.
  • User training is provided by our experts to propositions user is going to be handling the product.
  • We will provide warrantee to our clients with free replacement or repairing of the system for any problem.
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