Bag Filters

Development and industrialization are the need of an hour for industries to flourish and human evolution. Rapid industrialization has also led to the emission of pollutants in the environment leading to pollution in the atmosphere. Hindering industrialization is not the solution to this problem. Therefore some apparatus, devices, or systems are needed to ensure that pollutants are either not released into the atmosphere or are treated well before release. Some of the dirt-removing devices are scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, industrial bag filters, etc. Among all of these, bag filter has been a preferable choice for many industry owners.

The bag filter is made with septa filters to withstand the ever-increasing heat and pressure of the working system. The material is chosen so carefully ensuring that it does not let the dirt particle escape from the system. The property of the material and its weaving ensures giving long life to the system and much-needed permeability. Have your industrial bag filters made as per requirement from the experts.

Bag filter

How It Works:

  • Bag filters are commonly used by industries that deal with a process that produces pollutants in the form of particles. It contains woven or non-woven cloth in the making of bag filters.
  • It is divided into different parts and the cloth is shaped accordingly to ensure no loopholes in the entire system. The dirt or dust particles need to be collected hence a hopper is placed at the end of the system that looks after a careful and complete collection of the pollutants.
  • During the process, the dirt or dust particles form a layer over the cloth. The layer keeps on thickening until the process is in operation. Once the holding capacity of the bag filter reaches an optimum point, the layers will need removal with the help of mechanical shakes, pulse jets,s or by reverse pressure.

Technical Features To Showcase

The following major components for Bag Filters are used:

  • Pressure blower & vacuum pumps
  • Rotary airlock valves
  • Filter bags
  • Filter cages
  • Cone & shell
  • Compressor
  • Ducting & dampers
  • Control & electrical equipment

Advantages of Bag Filters

  • It is one of the most efficient systems for removing dirt from the atmosphere. It can capture particles of sizes of more than 0.3 microns.
  • It has around 99% dust removal capacity leaving the surrounding atmosphere clean and breathable.
  • It ensures the safety and health of workers.
  • It requires low investment to set up and also asks for low maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Technical ParametersData
CapacityUpto 1,50,000 m3/hr Gas Flow
MOCMS/SS as per client’s requirement/ application
Gas temperature200 Max
Outlet emission
<10 mg/m3

Product USP

  • Being one of the manufacturers and suppliers of bag filters, Trimech India helps in choosing your bag filter as per your requirement.
  • Many industries prefer to have their bag filters designed by us especially when it comes to bag filters for boilers.
  • We have been able to deliver bag filters to various domains and provide solutions to industries at the pan-India level.
  • Trimech India never compromises on the standard and quality of the bag filters that we manufacture. Our sole aim in manufacturing and supplying bag filters is to keep the environment clean and hygienic for everyone.

After Sales Service

  • After sales service is a very important term in any product selling to take care of and feed your valued customers after they buy the product.
  • We provide an instant after-sales service for clients, our service engineers will show up at the site within 48 hours of the client’s intimation.
  • We provide free pre-installation services to the client before our system installation.
  • At the time of successful installation or commissioning, we provide an Operation and Maintenance manual for a better understanding of the working/ maintenance of our system.
  • User training is provided by our experts to prospective users who are going to handle the system/ product.
  • We provide a warranty for the system/ parts with a free replacement or repair of the system for any problem.
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