Bag Filters

Industrialization is spreading rapidly and is necessary for the development of nation. On the other side, there is a threat to nature. Harmful emission in the air or water can damage the environment hence it is important to recover such toxic particulate matter from the exhaust gas. There are numerous ways to ensure that such pollutants are not released. Scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters are some of the designs that retains particles and release clean air. Bag filters have been the choice for most of the industries these days. Bag filters have equally distributed 6 to 8 septa filters to avoid over expansion due to pressure. The filters are placed close to each other to ensure efficient filtration. The newer type of filters makes use of weaver of composite material to turn off the harm that may cause people. The static filter helps in efficient trapping of micro dust or minute particulate matter. This property also enhances good air permeability and long life of the bag filters. The filter bags needs to be intact and physically strong so that the wind pressure does not disrupt its structure. This can be achieved by fixing bonding jumper to the bag filter. They have self cleaning ability because it can blow the blowback air by itself to blow off the dust in the bag.

Having a bag filter in the machines becomes important during the situations where

  1. Material used is expensive.
  2. Desire of having high amount of finished product.
  3. The particulate size is very small.
  4. The finished product is to be obtained in powder form and not in the form of solution.

Principle and Structure: Bag filter contains a sewn or non sewn filter bag that can be used to separate dust or particles during the process of gas evolution. The bag filter is divided into different parts. Each compartment contains sewn filter cloth that fits in the cylindrical shape. Hopper is placed right at the end of the bag to collect dust or particulate matters during the entire process.

During the process, the layers of dust or particulate matter are formed on the filter cloth. As the layer thickens the pressure on the filter cloth decreases. Therefore the removal of the layers from the filter cloth should be done intermittently. The removal of the dust or particulate layer can be done by Mechanical Shaker, Reverse Pressure or Pulse Jet. In most cases the efficiency of the removal of the dust or particulate layer is around 99% or more.

The selection for the type of the material used for the filter bag should be done depending upon the temperature humidity, gas composition and particulate nature. The life of bag filters are long but it highly depends on the way they are used and handled over the years.

Trimech India is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of bag filters. We assist you in choosing the correct type and size of bag filter for your purpose. Trimech India Bag Filters can be the perfect choice you make today for your industry.

Trimech India has also been one of the prominent choices when it comes to bag filters for boilers. Boilers operate at high temperature leaving behind flue gases. Flue gases mainly contains sulphur dioxide. They are harmful to the atmosphere if emitted out untreated. The mechanism of trapping this harmful gas goes like this. The flue gas gets collected in the bag filter when the boiler is in operation. They remain on the outer side of the bag which is a small pipe like structure. Flue gas enters the cage due to the continuous suction pressure created by Fan. This leads to the collection of large size particles to collect in the filter and flue gas leaves the bag through outlet. The pulse jet system attached at the top helps in separation of dust and particulates with air pressure. The air pressure strikes the inner surface of the filter bag and brings the dust particles in motion. This entire process eventually leads to the separation of dust particles and flue gas leading the collection of dust particles at the bottom most part of the filter bag.

Application Area

  1. Petrochemicals:  For the filtration of aviation coal oil and other biomaterials. Separation of polymers. Filtration of petroleum and fuel additive. Filtration of alkali, acid and solvent.
  2. Chemicals: Activated charcoal or catalyst removal in a chemical industry is an excellent example. Removal of pipe scale. Recovery of catalyst.
  3. Water treatment: Water treatment plant, removal of solid waste from water. Removal of scales and calcify material from water pipes. Retain ion-exchange resins.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Recovery of active ingredients. Recovery of catalyst. Filtration of medical use syrup. Removal of protein from plasma. Filtration of gelatins, hormones, active carbon and vitamins.
  5. Resins, ink , plastic and coatings:  Oil and polymer filtration. Plastic compounding. Printing ink. Plastic processing. Paper printing. Removal of fibers and gelatins from paints. Solvent filtration. Removal of oil from paints.
  6. Automotive: Filtration of Pre-treatment bath. Filtration of E-coat, clear coat, top-coat and primer.
  7. Electronics: Pre-filtration of high purity water. Filtration of cooling water. Removal of deposits from zinc solution.
  8. Metal working: Filtration of lubricant oil. Precious metal recovery. Filtration of hydraulic oil. Parts cleaning liquid using bag filters to minimize residual dust on parts.
  9. Food and beverages: Beer filtration. Removal of particles from edible oil. Protective filtration before canning. Water syrup filtration.

Advantages of bag filters

  1. It efficiently removes dust and it can capture the particle of size more than 0.3 micron.
  2. The efficiency of dust removal is more than 99%.
  3. They are flexible. They can handle air volume up to about millions cubic meter per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters.
  4. It has a simple structure, stable operation, less investment and easy maintenance.

Shortcoming of bag filters

  1. It consumes more power. The reason being that it has the flow opposite to the gas that flows in.
  2. The gases that have sticky or moisture base are not suitable.

Instruction for maintenance

Daily: perform a round trip check on the pressure drop of each filter unit valve, cylinder and inlet and outlet valve.

Weekly: keep a check on the entire cleaning system. Keep a check on the door seal.

Monthly:  keep a detailed inspection on all access valve, solenoid valve, limit switches, motors and equipments.

Yearly: Randomly select one or two filter from the bag filter to analyze the condition of the entire bag filter.

Bag filter supplier and manufacturer – Trimech India can assist you to choose the type of bag filter that fit your requirement to the best. We understand the importance of minimizing pollution to protect the nature. Hence we ensure that the qualities of bag filters we make are the best. Each and every industrial process that is involved in the emission of harmful pollutant should make good use of bag filters. It is though a simple bag but much needed apparatus of this time. Since the invention, bag filters have been an inevitable part of the industrial operations.

Trimech India – bag filter manufacturer ensures that it meets the standards and provides with the genuine quality and minimizes the flow of particulate pollutant or dust in the air. Trimech India- Bag filter supplier believes in keeping the air clean globally.

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