Different Types of Solid/Liquid Separation Filter Bags

Liquid solid separation requires a very specific process. Respecting high quality standards in this separation is a very crucial step to provide excellent service in production. This process can be carried out by various filter bags. There are a number of boiler bag filter supplier from whom you can purchase the filters. Today I am going to discuss about some of the types:

Anode filter bags

Anode filter bags are used to stop the waste produced during electro-plating process. They aremade to fit anode baskets and are made of different shapes and sizes that meets any of the requirement.Anode filter bags are made out of high quality polypropylene and are very strong.Moreover, if you go for double stitched sides, then anode bags are safe from being torn by the rough action in the process.

Centrifuge filter bags

Centrifuge filter bags are synthetic woven fabrics and used for separation of solid components from a suspension. They are mostly used in continuous filters where the wall of the centrifuge is the media which allows the filtrate to pass through while leaving the solids on the surface. Here in this filter bags, all fabrics are thermal cut from computerized patterns which makes sure they have been cut perfectly.

Sparkler filter pads

Sparkler filter pads are used to get hold of clear liquid in filtration process. They are mostly used in a very highly sophisticated production plant. They can be made as per the customer requirements and helps filtration process to allow the crystal clear filtrate of things.

Filter press panels

Filter press panels are used to feel concentrations and in the most versatile of all liquid/solid separation unit operations. They came into existence many years ago. A filter press is contained of a number of plates having a filtering surface. A filter press cloth covers the plates which allows the filtrate to pass through.

Nutsche filter bags

This type of filter bags contain a cylindrical shell with welded flat bottom and top dished. The base plate has arrangement of bolting bar which helps to hold the filter cloth. This plate is hardened by welded supporters.

So now when you look out for bag filter supplier in the market, keep all these types in your mind and decide which one will be more helpful to you. At Trimech India, we manufacture all of these types. We are the top bag filter manufacturer in India having years of experience in this field. To consult further you can contact us at www.trimechindia.com

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