PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA Nitrogen generator is a standard method by which nitrogen is manufactured for industrial purposes. Since atmospheric air is a mixture of many gases, separating Nitrogen from the rest requires unique processes.

The process requires a twin tower with Carbon Molecular Sieve to separate oxygen gas. One tower looks after the nitrogen production cycle. Both the towers are interconnected with changeover valves that will look after the nitrogen gas flowing into the surge vessel.

The Back Pressure Regulator will keep the nitrogen gas under minimum pressure. The end product now formed is delivered to customers to use for various applications. The PSA nitrogen generator are easy to install and operate. It produces nitrogen of the purest quality or as required by the industrial process.


How It Works:

  • The fully-automatic PSA nitrogen generation does not require special attention. The nitrogen gas keeps producing until the system is at work. The generation of nitrogen by this process is truly effortless.
  • One must note that it is possible to get the purest form of nitrogen gas and that too at the lowest cost. This entire process of manufacturing nitrogen gas is economical.
  • This methodology of manufacturing nitrogen gas is a proven technology at a global level. Most manufacturers produce nitrogen by this method.
  • PSA Nitrogen generation being an inert gas is used in various industries for different reasons. Have the easily installed and seeking low maintenance nitrogen plant at your industrial premises.

Technical Features To Showcase

Following major components for Nitrogen Generation Plant are used:

  • Air compressor/ Screw type
  • Air dryer
  • WAR/ DAR
  • Storage tank
  • Surge vessel
  • Control Panels
  • ACF, Fine and after filters
  • Carbon Molecular Sieve
  • Twin towers
  • Rota meter
  • Online Oxygen Analyser
  • CMS, PLC, Alumina

Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Plant

  • Cost-effective and precise to give purest nitrogen gas
  • Eliminates the requirement of N2 gas cylinders
  • Compact design that occupies the least space
  • The generator works to the extent of nitrogen gas supply and then turns off automatically
  • Manpower not required
  • All-round service support provision

Technical Specifications

Technical ParametersData
Capacity5 NM3 to 1000 NM3/Hr
MOCMS/SS as per client’s requirement or application

Product USP

  • Trimech has been a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of quality robust Nitrogen Generation Plant.
  • Trimech provides high quality products in air and gas system.
  • We provide nitrogen generation plant of width range as per customer’s requirement/ specifications.
  • The capacity of the nitrogen generator is 1000NM3

After Sales Service

  • After sales service is ver important term in any product selling to take care of and feed your valued customers after they buy the product.
  • We provide an instant after sales service for clients, our service engineers will show up to the site within 48 hours of the client’s intimation.
  • We provide free pre-installation services to the client before our system installation.
  • At the time of successful installation or commissioning, we provide an Operation and Maintenance manual for a better understanding of the working/ maintenance of our system.
  • User training is provided by our experts to prospective users who are going to handle the system/ product.
  • We provide a warranty for the system/ parts with a free replacement or repair of the system for any problem.
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