How to choose a right PSA Nitrogen Plants?

PSA Nitrogen Plants

As you all know that nitrogen gas has got some excellent properties therefore, it is one of the most preferred gas in many industries. Most of the companies that need nitrogen gas in bulk will op for nitrogen producing system. Among many that are available, the PSA nitrogen generator is the best one. The use of nitrogen varies from aerospace engineering to as simple as food packaging. Trimech India prefers to have an onsite nitrogen generation plant with PSA technology. However, it is advisable to seek some expert’s help. One should take care while choosing the PSA nitrogen generation plant for their premises. It is a good idea to have one but, one must think of some of the criteria before buying it.

Use Of Nitrogen In Industry

The following are the most common use of nitrogen in industry:

Food Industry:

  • Nitrogen gas creates an inert atmosphere that prevents oxidation and preserves the freshness of packaged or bulk foods.
  • It delays rancidity, color changes, and other forms of oxidative damage in food products.

Light Bulb Manufacturing:

  • Nitrogen gas is used to fill light bulbs instead of air, as the hot tungsten wire would combust in the presence of oxygen.
  • It provides an inert atmosphere within the bulb, preventing oxidation and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Nitrogen gas reduces the oxygen concentration in a controlled environment, effectively extinguishing fires.
  • It achieves fire suppression while maintaining an acceptable oxygen level for human exposure for a short duration.

Stainless Steel Production:

  • Nitrogen is added to steel during various stages of steelmaking, such as melting, ladle processing, and casting operations.
  • It enhances the hardness, formability, strain aging, and impact properties of stainless steel.

Tire Inflation Systems:

  • Nitrogen gas is used to inflate tires in racing cars and aircraft, reducing the problems caused by moisture and oxygen in regular air.
  • It prevents excessive pressure variations and ensures more consistent inflation pressures as tires heat up.

Aircraft Fuel Systems:

  • In some aircraft fuel systems, nitrogen gas is used to reduce fire hazards by creating an inert atmosphere.
  • It minimizes the risk of combustion within the fuel system.

Chemical Analysis and Industry:

  • Nitrogen gas is commonly used for sample preparation and concentration in chemical analysis.
  • It plays a crucial role in the production of fertilizers, nitric acid, nylon, dyes, and explosives in the chemical industry.

Pressurized Beer Kegs:

  • Nitrogen gas can be used instead of or in combination with carbon dioxide to pressurize beer kegs, particularly for stouts and British ales.
  • It produces smaller bubbles, resulting in a smoother and headier dispensed

PSA Nitrogen Plants

What Should You Consider Before Choosing A PSA Nitrogen Gas Generation Plant For Your Industry?

  • Model and size: Each industry has a different need, therefore one should choose the model and size of the PSA nitrogen plants accordingly. You should know your requirement for nitrogen gas for your industry. On that basis, you can choose a model of the PSA nitrogen plant and its shape.
  • Use of nitrogen: An industrialist/ operator should know the daily requirement of nitrogen for their industry. If you need a large amount of nitrogen, and if your generator is small, then you will not meet your production expectations. Also, the vice-versa is true. Hence, study the usage of nitrogen thoroughly and plan to buy your PSA nitrogen plants accordingly. At Trimech India, we shall study your nitrogen requirement and then suggest to you accordingly the working plant of PSA nitrogen.
  • Purity check: Have you ever known/ thought about how much pure nitrogen you want? One should consider that as well. For eg., food industries will look for nearly 100% pure nitrogen. However, some industries will need just less amount purity. But, finally, it will all depend upon the final product of the industry or the mechanism.
  • Fit in the space: Usually, a PSA nitrogen gas generation plant occupies space. One will need to know whether the PSA nitrogen generator will fit into the available space or not. The expert team at Trimech India can help you in figuring out the best fit PSA nitrogen generator. We will also ensure that your requirements and expectations from this plant are met.
  • Cost: A businessman will always look into investment and return. An uninterrupted gas supply ensures saving time and economical. However, it will depend upon the size of the plant that you are installing. But, one thing is sure with an onsite PSA nitrogen generator, you will have money saved in the end.

Trimech India is the best PSA nitrogen gas plant manufacturer and supplier. Our reputation and reliability have made us a popular supplier of the PSA nitrogen generator. We are open to any queries that you have. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the PSA nitrogen gas generation plant.

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