If you own or want to start a snack production brand whether it be Namkeens or Crunchies, you might be challenged to provide snack with a long shelf life. For that, you might want to consider the packaging of the snacks.

There is a simple reason for this; if there is oxygen in food packaging, it starts oxidation which plunders the food items packaged. However, Nitrogen is used to prevent it. That means the percentage of nitrogen and oxygen can affect the expiry duration of a packaged food item. An MAP is Modified Atmosphere Packaging used in the food industry. Packaging of food items like potato chips or ready to boil coffee powder needs industrial quality Nitrogen. That is 99.95 to 99.99 % purity in the gas.

MAP Packaging Nitrogen Plant

Benefits of Using Modified Atmosphere Packaging Nitrogen

First of all, nitrogen is an odorless and tasteless gas, therefore, it doesn’t affect the taste or smell of the food packaged.

Nitrogen has natural characteristics of removing the oxygen, a pressurized effort leads to just about complete removal of the oxygen from the packaging.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Nitrogen can be readily purchased or generated through MAP kits that provide ease to the manufacturing and packaging process.

Here are the food items packaged with MAP:

  • Wafers & chips
  • Masala snacks
  • Snack pellets
  • Crunchies
  • Namkeen
PSA Nitrogen Plant
PSA Nitrogen Plant

Why you should use MAP Nitrogen kits

Whether you own a small business or large, a halt in the manufacturing or packaging process can lead to monetary and market loss. It is desirable to have a constant provision of Nitrogen while taking bulk orders or emergency orders. To ensure a continuous supply of your food product with quality packaging, it is necessary to have a Modified Atmosphere Packaging Nitrogen plant at your production site. Not only you can control the percentage of the nitrogen in the packaging but also the quality of the nitrogen used in it. It will assure that your product that is a food item like wafer or crunchy doesn’t get spoiled by your packaging procedure.

Nitrogen flushing helps not only in removing oxygen from the packaging and therefore extending the shelf life of the product, but also helps in preserving the exact taste and smell of the product as nitrogen is odorless and tasteless gas. Your Namkeen or Masala snacks will not lose its flavor and taste. If you are already using ready-made nitrogen for your packaging process then installing a MAP kit in at your site can cut the costs up to 90%. Also, you can assure the quality of the nitrogen used.

We at Trimech can provide you all the solutions related to the Modified Atmosphere Packaging Nitrogen plant for your snack or namkeen production sites. We can help you with the determination of the flow rate and quality check. We also provide services in installing on-site nitrogen MAPs that will fit seamlessly into your manufacturing and packaging process. We also provide a cylinder and other services.

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