How does a Nitrogen Generator work along with PSA technology?

Trimech India is a main engineer and producer of Nitrogen Generator system use all over world for various use. Our system help organizations and government operations lessen costs, expand well-being, and enhance proficiency.

A Nitrogen Generator delivers high immaculateness N2 gas at the purpose of procedure securely, dependably, and productively. From convenient and minimal system to vast, high yield frameworks, Nitrogen Generator permit organizations, property proprietors, and government operations to deliver their own wellspring of N2 gas on-interest.

There are two advancements we use here at Trimech India to make our Nitrogen Generators: PSA Technology and Membrane Technology (we’ll talk about Membrane Technology in point of interest in a future post).

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work – PSA Technology

  • Weight Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology works along these lines:
  • A carbon sub-atomic strainer (CMS) adsorbs oxygen and water vapour particles under high weight while permitting nitrogen to go through
  • A strainer bed weight vessel is loaded with the CMS
  • The strainer bed is then pressurized with air
  • O2, CO2, CO and different atoms are caught and held inside the CMS
  • N2 atoms are drawn off into N2 accepting tank
  • O2, CO2, CO and different atoms are flushed from the CMS by depressurizing the strainer bed
  • The CMS is flushed and washed down, prepared for new air

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