Do you know what the effective use of PSA Nitrogen Generator is?

Do you know what the effective use of PSA Nitrogen Generator is

For all these years we have know the effective use of PSA nitrogen generator in the industries. Even the stellar industry owners have recognized the benefits of installing PSA nitrogen generator in their premises. As we all know that an air is a mixture of gases and it is not easy to separate these gases by physical means. 

Trimech India brings to you the most effective ways of separating nitrogen in its purest form in such a way that it will serve the exact purpose to several industry types. The air mixture is passed through a twin tower, the one that is for absorption and the other that is regenerative one. The first tower is lined with adsorbent that inhibits nitrogen gas to pass through whereas allows the other gas mixture to pass through in the form of impurities. 

Obtaining the preserved nitrogen from the tower is quite simple. By reducing pressure, nitrogen gas is regenerated. This technique of obtaining nitrogen from a high pressure nitrogen generator ensures approximately 99.99% of pure nitrogen gas. Many industries that have PSA nitrogen generators have breathed relief because they are sure to get pure nitrogen and not run out of it.

PSA Nitrogen Plant Working Principle

The PSA nitrogen plant working principle is as follows:

  • The method of obtaining nitrogen from PSA nitrogen generator is effective and easy. The benefit here is that one does not have to constantly monitor the process. It is quite a maintenance and attention free.
  • The entire set up consists of twin tower, adsorption layer and storage cylinders. Having done this set up in the premises mean one will not have to worry about the availability of the nitrogen gas or bother about logistics.
  • The main process of the PSA nitrogen plant working principle takes place under high pressure and in the presence of zeolite or activated charcoal as an adsorbent medium.
  • The separation of nitrogen gas form the other gas mixtures occurs without any chaos and as stated already in its purest form possible.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

The membrane nitrogen generator working principle utilizes a highly selective semi-permeable membrane composed of thousands of cylindrical fibers with microscopic pores, typically ranging from 0.03 to 10 micrometers. Dry, compressed air is fed into a vessel containing this membrane material. The membrane’s pores allow nitrogen molecules to pass through while restricting the passage of oxygen, water vapor, inert gases, and airborne impurities. The separation occurs due to the difference in permeability and diffusion rates of different gas molecules through the membrane’s pores. The membrane’s pore size distribution greatly influences its selectivity and efficiency in separating nitrogen. By carefully controlling the membrane properties, these systems can generate exceptionally pure nitrogen gas. The membrane nitrogen generator working principle offers an efficient alternative to pressure swing adsorption systems for on-site nitrogen generation.

Use Of PSA Nitrogen Generator

The use of PSA nitrogen generator includes:

Food and beverage packaging

  • Nitrogen is used to displace oxygen and prevent oxidation, extending the shelf life of packaged foods and beverages.
  • It helps maintain freshness, flavor, and quality during storage and transportation.

Electronics manufacturing:

  • Nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere for semiconductor fabrication and printed circuit board assembly.
  • It prevents oxidation and contamination of sensitive electronic components and materials.

Chemical industries:

  • Nitrogen blanketing protects flammable or reactive chemicals from oxidation and potential explosions.
  • It is used for purging, sparging, and inerting processes in chemical manufacturing.

Medical facilities:

  • Nitrogen generators supply high-purity nitrogen for various medical applications, such as instrument operation and cryogenic processes.
  • It helps maintain sterile and inert environments in medical labs and research facilities.

Wastewater treatment plants:

  • Nitrogen is used for oxygenation control in wastewater treatment processes.
  • It helps regulate dissolved oxygen levels for efficient biological treatment of wastewater.

Metal manufacturing:

  • Nitrogen is essential for heat treatment processes like annealing, hardening, and brazing of metals.
  • It prevents oxidation and maintains the desired material properties during high-temperature operation


The following major components used for high pressure nitrogen generator plants are:

  • Air compressor/ screw type ACF, fine and after filters
  • Air dryer Carbon molecular sieve 
  • WAR/DAR Twin tower
  • Storage tank Rota meter
  • Surge vessel Online Oxygen Analyser
  • Control panels CMS, PLC, Alumina


Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Plant

  • Effective and economical process to obtain pure nitrogen gas
  • No need to use nitrogen cylinders or worry about its storage
  • A precise design ensuring least space occupancy
  • An automatic on-off system of working machinery
  • Minimal or no manpower required
  • 360 degree support system assured

Technical specification

Technical specifications Data
Capacity5 NM3 to 1000 NM3/Hr
MOCMS/SS as per client’s requirement or application

Products USPs

  • Trimech India has gained a reputation of manufacturing and designing a robust and compatible PSA Nitrogen Generator plant.
  • One can count on Trimech India for providing seamless and technologically sound generators and machinery for air and gases separation system.
  • A customization of the PSA Nitrogen Plant is available to meet customer’s requirement.
  • The capacity of the nitrogen generator is 1000NM3.

After Sales Service

  • After sales service is a very important term in any product selling to take care of and feed your valued customers after they buy the product.
  • We provide an instant after-sales service for clients, our service engineers will show up at the site within 48 hours of the client’s intimation. 
  • We provide free pre-installation services to the client before our system installation.
  • At the time of successful installation or commissioning, we provide an Operation and Maintenance manual for a better understanding of the working/ maintenance of our system.
  • User training is provided by our experts to prospective users who are going to handle the system/ product.

We provide a warranty for the system/ parts with a free replacement or repair of the system for any problem.


In conclusion, PSA nitrogen generators offer an efficient, economical, and reliable solution for on-site nitrogen generation across various industries. These systems leverage advanced PSA nitrogen plant working principle to separate high-purity nitrogen gas from air, eliminating the need for costly and logistically challenging nitrogen cylinder deliveries.

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