Bio Gas Purification

Purification of biogas by vacuum pressure swing adsorption was evaluated to produce fuel grade methane (FGM). It is also called CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Two different adsorbents were employed to evaluate the process performance with equilibrium- and kinetic-based adsorbents. Molecular sieve 3K was employed as the example of a kinetic adsorbent because methane diffusion is extremely small. A five-step cycle configuration (feed, intermediate depressuriza on, blow down, purge, and pressuriza on) was employed to compare with results obtained with a four-step cycle without intermediate depressurization. The effect of different operating variables like step mes and pressure conditions of the cycle was analyzed. A solid value proposition for biogas operators:

Biogas producers who utilize the Biogas Optimizer service will be able to experience:

  • Higher biogas production (a better utilization of digester capacity)
  • A more stable biogas production (thus able to maximize ROI on CHP or gas upgrading units)
  • Protection against process disturbances and better management routines to avoid process problems
  • Detailed process monitoring and diagnosis leading to a cost efficient plant operation
  • A faster start-up of bioreactors

Bio Gas Purification

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