3 Reasons to replace dust collector filter bags

Replace Dust Collector Filter Bags

The majority of the industries opt for dust collectors due to various reasons. The industrialists want to keep their workers safe on the premises. However, maintenance is another criterion that one should follow. Did you know the filter bags present in the dust collector need a change depending upon the use and capacity? It is just like looking after your body. If you don’t care about yourself then you are likely to let your health deteriorate. Similarly, a well-maintained filter bag will help the dust collector work effectively.

What happens if you change filter bags before time?

It will lead to an expense that is not needed at that time. You are making an unnecessary expense that you can use on something else that needs it. 

What happens if you change filter bags too late?

One of the worst things to happen is that it will give load to the dust collector making it less effective. The pores of the bags will clog and it will give load to its working. Ultimately you will end up paying more to the electricity bills.

Let’s check out 3 main reasons why one must replace dust collector filter bags at a regular interval.

1. To prevent damage to the filter: considering the filter bags are very important parts of the dust collector; one must ensure that they are in a good condition. If they are not maintained well then there are chances that they will eventually have lower functioning. In case of explosion, dusting, frequent dirt accumulation, and any such similar events will make dust collectors work harder. 

You can trace this by checking on the dust escaping out of the dust collector exhaust, sudden and rapid fall in the differential pressure, and other factors. Some of the chemical reactions happening in the dust collector can lead to damage to the bags. Moreover, regular wear and tear are happening too. Hence one should keep a watch and ensure that before bag filters are damaged, either they are maintained or replaced.

Replace Dust Collector Filter Bags

2. To ensure effective filter binding: often the motive of dust collector is fulfilled by filter binding in the bag filter. Filter binding means the space that is available within the filter to hold on to dust and not let it out. As the use of filter bags exceeds the limit without maintenance, the filter binding capacity will decrease. The differential pressure is relatively low when the filters are clean and with it becoming dirty; the pressure will keep rising steadily putting a load on the working efficiency. 

As a buyer, you must ensure that you are discussing with the supplier about your industry type and requirement. This is very important because then they will be able to suggest you a dust collector accordingly. Regular maintenance and replacement of filter bags will give longer life to the dust collector.

3. Using incorrect filter bag: a buyer should know their requirement and usage and if they are unsure of it then they should discuss it with the supplier. Investing in a dust collector is a very good idea but if you make the wrong choice that you will not see its benefits. Therefore you must have the right dust collector and the right filter to get maximum benefits from it. An incorrect filter will give a lot of uninvited troubles and will not work optimally. When you choose, do it wisely.

Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dust collectors to various industries. With great knowledge and experience, our team can help you will your queries very effectively. We extend our support to look after the maintenance and replacement of filter bags whenever necessary. 

Replace Dust Collector Filter Bags

What makes our customers happier is that we provide full-fledged customization. We have always said and we still emphasize that everyone has a different requirement. Therefore we provide equipment that are specially designed to satisfy your industry’s need. If you have a query then you can approach us. We are happy to address your concern.

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