How to determine the right bag filter for your application?

Right Bag Filter

Do we want clean air even when we are in industrial premises? Of course, we do, and so we industries make use of bag filters to ensure that the pollutants are trapped well. Bag filter removes solid pollutants and particles leaving the air comparatively clean. Bag filters are cylindrical or oval in shape and made up of filter garments. The pollution level is soaring high day by day due to which strict laws are implemented. Therefore having a bag filter in the industrial process is inevitable. Do you think you need a bag filter for your industrial application? Let’s make it easy for you here about how to choose the best bag filter for your industry.Right Bad Filter

  • Specifications: All industries have different requirements because they do not have same products to manufacture. With different requirements, we need different specifications of bag filters. A specific type of collar, cables, and spring sums up altogether a different need of the bag filter. Possibly that as a manufacturer, you may not know about the specifications of the bag filter, but your supplier can guide you through the process.
  • Bag filter sleeves: sleeves are necessary for the functioning of bag filters. Therefore they should be made with high-quality material, and with a technical fitting. If you make use of good material then there are chances of higher durability. As it is mostly in use they make wear and tear faster and so we need to keep a check on its condition.
  • Fabric: even in your regular wear, you choose a fabric that is comfortable and durable. It goes the same with the bag filter too. Many textile industries make fabric for bag filters out of which tissue felt bags are widely used. It is said that the fabric has higher chemical tolerance to many chemical products.
  • Properties of dust: it is important to study your product type, emitted particle type, and bag filter type correctly. The aim is to eliminate pollutants and so you must analyze the kind of dust removed that will help in choosing the best dust collector.
  • Micron rating: each particle is different in size and so does the requirement of each industry. Check out the micron rating and decide the right one for your industrial application.
  • Temperature and moisture resistant: any type of material will be resistant to temperature. Hence check the bag filter correctly before installing them to your premises. Polyester is a great synthetic material that can support the working of the bag filter. It has a great absorption capacity and it is tolerant of oxidation.

Trimech India is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of bag filters, and it provides industries with their specific requirements.  Our skilled and professional team members will help you to decide the kind of bag filter that you need. We have catered to the need of many industries in the past years and have gathered a good reputation in the time period. Get in touch with our team and speak to them about your requirement. We are happy to guide you.

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