Reason your dust collector bag filters need replacement

Reason your dust collector bag filters need replacement

Most industries are aware of the importance of dust collector and they know how to use them wisely. Dust collector manufacturer and supplier are now making dust collector as per the needs of the industry. But at the same time, most of them fail to understand the importance of bag filters in the dust collector. Keeping a check on bag filters is an important part of maintenance and not many seem to be interested in doing it. As a result, the efficiency of the dust collector is reduced. Thus here are some important tips on when and why the replacement of bag filters in the dust collector is necessary. Let’s have a look.

Your dust collector is heavily breathing and this is the right time to look out for the condition of bag filters. You need a bag filter replacement in the following condition:

  • The cleaning of bag filters is almost impossible because the dust has accumulated to a level where cleaning is not possible.
  • The vacuum pressure is now no more able to pull dust in the collector.
  • In case there is/are hole/holes in the bag filters.
  • When the time demands a need to change bag filters for your dust collector.

Please note that every industry is different. The amount of dust released is different hence they need a different type of dust collector.

Some industries need a bag filter change every year. It can be because they capture dust that may be hazardous, fine particle size or may be corrosive.

Some industries may need not to change dust collector filter bags for many years because they don’t deal with such type of dust.

Also, there are some industries that do not have to change bag filters at all. Well, in such case they are not using the correct type of dust collector.

Hence it advisable to have efficient dust collector and it is best to take guidance from the dust collector manufacturer and supplier.

The next question that may arise to you is how would you know if the problem is due to bag filters. It is important to keep monitoring the process to know it your dust collector is efficient or not. Let’s check.

  • Pressure check: The pressure difference may occur if the bag filters are not correctly fit into the dust collector which leads to improper working. At times the bag filters keep on pulling dust inside and retain the dust which leads to higher pressure difference.
  • Bag house dusting: The formation of dust in clean surroundings are easily visible. This may occur due to several reasons like the improper size of bag filters, having a hole in bag filter, the improper fabric used in bag filter or bag filters not correctly sealed.

Dust collector manufacturer and supplier should be sought after so your dust collector works with efficiency. The working of dust collector with efficiency is very important because it helps in maintaining a suitable environment for workers and avoids any accidents that may otherwise occur.

Trimech India is a dust collector manufacturer and supplier Nationwide. For efficient dust collector working, kindly get in touch with our experts. They will guide you with the entire process as per your industry type.

Dust collector is a boon for industries. Trimech India offers best quality dust collector along with tips that will help in increasing efficiency of the dust collector. Contact us.

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