Know the right kind of Bag Filter for your industry

Bag Filter for your industry

Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Bag filters to minimize the polluting particles out of the chimney. The purpose of the bag filter is to ensure that industrial air pollution is minimized. However, the different industrial applications will need different structures of bag filters. The Trimech India team can help you in knowing about which is the right kind of bag filter for your industry. Depending on the chemicals used and the temperature needed, we can suggest to our clients the type of bag filter they can have. This blog covers some of the insights regarding the right kind of bag filter one can have for their industrial application.

  • Size: How big is the vessel? It is necessary to know the size of the vessel. Following to the size of the vessel, we can determine the size of the bag filter for your industry. It is also possible to have various bag filters in the vessel to reduce to risk of air pollution emitting particles. Although, it is the industrial application and process that will decide which type of bag filter one should have.
  • Fabric: The chemical resistance and the temperature are the most determining factors for deciding upon the fabric type. Usually, four basic kinds of fabrics go into making bag filters. They are polypropylene, polyester, Nylon, and Nomex. One can use other kinds of fabrics too but, then they are used in case of some special applications only.
  • Polypropylene: They are most commonly used because cost-friendly and have excellent chemical resistivity. It can withstand temperature up to 200oF which is great and therefore it supports many application types.

We also suggest sewn material type because such fabrics are also of great use in certain applications. They are additionally strong and great in terms of cost. Our team at Trimech India has a wide experience here that will help you in knowing the best way your filter bag can be designed.

Bag Filter for your industry

  • Construction: It plays an important role because we do not want the dust particles to mix up and escape out.
  • Sewn bags: They have the strength and many clients prefer them over the other ones. However, if the seam of the bag fails and it breaks up then there are definite chances of dirt entering the bag and moving out. Also, this bag is woven and the needle is used in its making. Therefore, if the holes made due to needle insertion are larger than the particle size, then they will pass through making it meaningless.
  • Welded construction filter bag: Here the bag has fused fabric to make it stronger and a sealing ring to secure it tightly. The plus point here is that the fabric is fused and not sewn. Hence, there are no chances of particles passing through the seam and freeing out to the atmosphere. 

Another important factor to consider is the type of secure ring. The secure ring is either made up of metal or plastic. If the application is insisting to incinerate the bag filter then, it is better to have a plastic secure ring. However, do consider the temperature range and the chemical compatibility before deciding on the nature of the ring.

It is not difficult to choose the right kind of bag filter because we at Trimech India are happy to assist you in doing so. When you are using a bag filter for your industrial application, it means you are doing your bit for nature. Get in touch with us to know more.

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