What does an Apron Feeder do?

Apron feeders are industrial machines that are used primarily to serve the purpose of material handling for materials that are of dry, frozen, sticky, or wet nature. These feeders are used for conveying heavy substances which usually involve coal, sugarcane, lime sand, and other kinds of materials. On dissecting an apron feeder, one can find that they consist of head-shaft, pans, tail-shaft, flights, and motors. The head and the tail shaft are covered by the metal chain wraps. Motors power the feeder providing large torque for its movement. Pans are used for extraction and for discharging the material from the feeder. The rollers are ridden using a combination of chain and flight. The apron feeder is installed under the end of the hopper. All these parts together make the apron feeder function.

Apron Feeder

Industries choose to use apron feeders for different reasons such as:

  • Rendering control to the feed for avoiding choking of the substances/materials
  • They also act as shock absorbers for heavy materials.
  • They can be used to separate different sizes and varieties of wet and dry materials making them highly versatile machines.
  • Extract and feed materials at a controlled speed
  • For high impact loading operations that require a sturdy handling machine
  • For materials that are of complex nature such as abrasive materials like ore or rock

Why Trimech Mfg’s Apron Feeders?

Trimech Manufacturers’ Apron feeders are constructed to serve the purpose of providing quality with a built that lasts longer to save you from heavy servicing costs and replacement. These feeders have supreme functionality and are made to sustain more stress and weight. Trimech Mfg specializes in supplying feeders that are tailor-made for industrial use depending on the size, geometry, and other requirements with higher load capacities. We provide you with a wide variety of feeders depending on your application and requirements. Our apron feeders go through a wide range of quality tests that ensure that they are congruous with long term use. Made for lasting long, these apron feeders come with an extended life with features that are robust and design that is made to suit your material handling needs.

Apron feeder
Apron feeder

Features that make them stand out

  • They come with an added functionality of self-rolling and aligning which ensures the added advantage of less maintenance and little running resistance adding to the efficiency of your operations.
  • Impenetrable sealing design that blocks and prevents leakage of materials
  • Can be maneuvered to drive either left or right direction according to the preference
  • Solid construction that is built to withstand heavy industrial needs
  • Parts that can be relied on for long use and require little maintenance
  • They are tailor-made to handle different kinds of materials ranging from heavy, medium to light.
  • The rollers are lubricated to offer a long service life
  • Sprockets are easily replaceable that can be used for different parts
  • It comes with a reliable drive system that offers the power which is suitable for different needs
  • They provide the heavy bearing capacity that suits all kinds of industrial usage.
  • Design is made to protect the machine from material spillage
  • It offers increased uptime due to its durable built
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