Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder is for the prohibited volumetric feeding also blending volume materials. It is efficiently used for high blow and heavy load. Depending upon the relevance, these are available with diverse version that are pushed formed, fictional or cast aprons which are used with either roller or chain as essential. It is typically suitable for constantly conveying materials in horizontal and tending directions for consecutively machinery, silos, hoppers, and additional kinds of containers.

The conveyors are specially designed to smoothly assist the transfer of bulk substance like coal, sugarcane, lime sand, etc. TRIMECH Manufacture and supply range of feeders that are appropriate for industrial usage and have the capacity to with place stress. We offer a wide variety of feeders that are suitable for varied purposes.

Industries Handled
  • Paper Industries
    Paper Industries
  • Cement Industries
    Cement Industries
  • Petroleum Industries
    Petroleum Industries
  • Power Plant Industries
    Power Plant Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
    Fertilizer Industries
  • Chemical Industries
    Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
    Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industries
    Food Industries
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