Blower Reactive Type

In this Particular dryer, the regeneration air is supplied from a blower which is heated in a heating chamber and thus increasing its moisture carrying capacity. This hot air is passed through the desiccant bed for regeneration. And getting the batter and required Dew point.

Salient Features:-

  1. Low operating cost for high capacities.
  2. Dew point up to (-) 60 Deg C achieved.
  3. Most economical in the range from 800 CFM onwards


  1. Heat Energy required for regeneration.
  2. High capital cost makes it economical for High Flow Only

Blower Reactive Type

Industries Handled
  • Paper Industries
    Paper Industries
  • Cement Industries
    Cement Industries
  • Petroleum Industries
    Petroleum Industries
  • Power Plant Industries
    Power Plant Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
    Fertilizer Industries
  • Chemical Industries
    Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
    Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industries
    Food Industries
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