Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators (also called grain leg) if defined according to the words it contain than, ‘Bucket’ means a convex vessel for carrying materials and ‘Elevator’ means mechanical device for raising any object; so the bucket elevator is the mechanism for raising any material (most often flow able bulk materials) vertically. Trimech bucket elevator provides you the best quality of bucket elevators, they are world renowned bucket elevator supplier and manufacturer.

The essential parts of the bucket elevator are a bucket, a belt, a mechanism to drive the belt, accessories for loading the material and accessories for collecting the discharged material.

Bucket elevators can handle various types of materials- light, fragile, heavy, abrasive but most commonly conveyed materials by the use of bucket elevators are:

  • Animal feeds;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Fly ash;
  • Coal;
  • Woodchips; etc.

According to the requirements the bucket elevators can be made of different size and configurations such as centrifugal belt, centrifugal chain, continuous chain etc..

Trimech bucket elevator is the best manufacturer of every type of bucket elevators; they are the bucket elevators suppliers for meeting every need of the customers. Most commonly used bucket elevator design for agricultural sector is centrifugal discharge elevator, whereas the positive discharge elevator design is used to elevate the products which are to be gently handled such as popcorn, candy, potato chips etc.. Bucket Elevators are very versatile so they are used in many industries such as:

  • Fertilizer plants ;
  • Lime processing factories;
  • Power plants;
  • Paper mills;
  • Food industries;
  • Mines; etc.

Trimech bucket elevator systems are available in various sizes, capacity and models. Trimech is leading bucket elevator supplier with world class quality.

Advantages of bucket elevators are:

  • Huge transporting capacity with lower maintenance;
  • One can utilize the vertical space(height) of factory;
  • Durability with low driving power;
  • Can haul materials at greater heights;
  • Human labor is reduced, transporting time reduces; etc.

The advantage of choosing the trimech bucket elevator systems is they are having years and years of experience, in making bucket elevators according to one’s requirements. They make the best bucket elevator suppliers and manufacturers as their products best fits the needs of most applications and are of high strength.

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