What do Bucket Elevators do?

Just like how commercial elevators are used for hauling men, bucket elevators are used for hauling materials of industrial nature. Bucket elevators or grain legs are convex vessels that are used for carrying materials. They are used primarily for hauling materials which mostly consist of free-flowing or semi-flowing bulky industrial materials. They can withstand larger capacities depending on the requirements. A typical bucket elevator consists of a bucket, conveyor belt, motors that drive the belt. They function using buckets situated in the housing, that are used to contain materials. These bucket elevators are used in varied industries such as mining, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing (from the first stage to the final stage of production), construction, waste management, fertilizer, and more. Depending on the application they are available in different material builds such as stainless steel, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and metalized polypropylene. They come with a varied set of configurations that allow them to index units from single to multiple discharge units.

Bucket Elevator Components

Bucket Elevators are used for varied applications in the industry such as:

  • Hauling of bulky free and semi- flowing materials both vertically and horizontally.
  • They can haul different kinds of materials such as cement, chemicals, minerals, animal feeds, Lime, Wood chips, Aggregates, coal, grains, and more.
  • Heavy-duty bucket elevators are used for pre-grinding operations such as in the construction industry.
  • For elevating materials that are usually hot, abrasive, and granular in nature.
  • They are used for making the process efficient by conveying more materials at a time through their high capacities.

Why Trimech’s bucket elevators?

Trimech Mfg focuses on providing quality equipment that lasts longer with a built that is strong to withstand different applications and requirements in the industry. Trimech bucket elevators are made keeping in mind the different hauling requirements of the industry. They are made to cater to varied kinds of materials from free-flowing bulk & semi flowing bulk to hot and abrasive materials. Our focus is to provide with ultimate hauling solution for your industry-specific needs saving you from the trouble of huge maintenance costs by focussing on delivering quality. It is our goal to ensure that your equipment serves its purpose better with longer service life. We have specialized in the manufacturing of different kinds of equipment for the industry with years of experience. This allows us to design equipment that meets the challenging demands of the industry with expertise with the focus still abided on quality.

Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator

What makes them stand out?

The following points make Trimech’s Bucket Elevators stand out:

  • Reliable drive mechanism: Our Bucket Elevators come with a motor mechanism that can sustain extreme loads and deliver consistent speed for efficient and productive operations.
  • Long service life: Built with precision using state of state of the art equipment and standardized processes, our parts render long service life.
  • High bearing capacity: Buckets are made using materials of different nature and can withstand varied kinds of loads.
  • Minimum backlash: Constructed using standard manufacturing practices, our equipment ensures minimum backlash or loose parts.
  • Leakage proof: These bucket elevators are put through a series of leakage tests to ensure that their quality is ensured.
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