Drop Through

TRIMECH airlocks are the most popular choice for standard applications. TRIMECH airlocks are drop-thru, inboard bearing units. They can be applied to a high percentage of the applications customers have. These cast iron or Fabricated  valves are built at our own factory . Clearances are kept between 0.003” – 0.005”. Sizes range from 6” to 30” diameter rotors. TRIMECH  airlocks are built in large quantities. Savings from economies of scale are transferred to each unit so that the customer realizes these savings whether buying a single unit or large quantity.

Industries Handled
  • Paper Industries
    Paper Industries
  • Cement Industries
    Cement Industries
  • Petroleum Industries
    Petroleum Industries
  • Power Plant Industries
    Power Plant Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
    Fertilizer Industries
  • Chemical Industries
    Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
    Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industries
    Food Industries
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