Gravity type

The TRIMECH Slide Gate Valve Series is designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow. The Trimech slide gate valves are excellent for industries and applications where the isolation of solids is needed. This is achieved through the forcing of the blade into the valve seat by the cam rollers.
TRIMECH slide gate vales are simple and compact in design, robust in structure, excellence in technology and are easy to install. These valves are designed to handle bulk materials for all industrial applications, both continuous and intermediate operation. Installation has been made easy as the valve can be bolted directly into the flow line by its top and bottom flanges and does not require any additional support. The valve can be installed in any position provided that the flow of material is from the removable

2 way seal Diverter

  • Gravity flow
  • Handles non abrasive to abrasive material such as sand, gravel, whole grains and coal
  • Easy access to internals for maintenance

Aggregate Diverter

  • Gravity flow and slight differential pressure
  • Handles non abrasive to abrasive powders, granulars or pellets
  • Open / closed or volume metering of material
  • Modifications available for a variety of environments
  • Valve may be manufactured in dual cylinder design to reduce installation height

Gravity V Diverter

  • Gravity flow
  • Handles non abrasive to abrasive powders, granulars or pellets. Ideal for food applications
  • May be modified for harsh, abrasive applications
  • Easy access to internals for cleaning and maintenance

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