3 Types of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Industries know the importance of pneumatic conveyors in transferring bulk quantities of materials from one place to another one. Pneumatic conveying systems are specially designed to carry stream of air and mixture of material. They consist of pipes or ducts which are known as transportation lines. Today, we will learn about pneumatic conveyors.

In most of the cases, the material is in dry powdered form which is being transferred using pneumatic conveyors. They can be cement and fly ash which is being transferred from one processing chamber to another chamber during their processing. Here are the top 3 types of pneumatic conveyors which are extensively used by many industries:

1.    Dilute-Phase Conveying System

In this type of conveying system a large amount of air is used at low pressure in order to convey small amount of materials. Due to the air pressure, the material travels at high velocity through the transportation lines because it is remained suspended in air through a dilute-phase. Such type of system can work very efficiently where high speed transportation of material is required.

2.    Dense-Phase Conveying System

This type of conveying system is transfers the material whose particles are heavy and large. As heavier particles cannot remain suspended in the air flow, large molecules cannot be conveyed by the high velocity air in dilute-phase system. In such cases, dense-phase conveying system is used which can transfer heavy materials in small amount through pipeline.

3.    Air-Activated Gravity Conveying System

When you need to transfer objects such as cans, boxes, and plastic containers, the air-activated gravity conveying system are used. They uses positive pressure for transferring such objects through their transportation lines. These types of conveying system work totally different from both of the above types.

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