6 Types of Dust Collector Used by Today’s Industries

Types of Dust Collector

Dust collectors have been in use by many industries these days but they are specific to the type of industry and applications. The industry owners have known its importance and they are investing in quality dust collectors for the better hygiene and safety of their workers and for the environment. Let’s have a look at some of the common and trending dust collectors from Trimech India- one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the industrial dust collector.

1. Baghouse Dust Collector: It’s a centralized unit placed in between the machines. It used in an area where several machines are placed under one unit and they are emitting out pollutants. It would be expensive to put a dust collector with each machine; Baghouse dust collector is used instead.  

Applications: Food industry, Engineering industry, paper, rubber, automotive, abrasives, wood, cement, pharmaceuticals, ceramic and carbon industry.

Dust Collector

2. Portable Dust Collector: We would say that this is the simplest kind of dust collector and they are cost-friendly. It is a boon to owners who are in the initial set up of their industry because they do not occupy much area and it can simply be kept next to the dust emitting machine.

Applications: Buffing, grinding, welding, sanding, powder mixing, places where dust is emitted in a smaller proportion and for any portable applications.

3. Cartridge Filter Dust Collector: This is a trending and updated type of dust collector where cartridges are used to absorb the finest of dust particles thrown out. The advantage is that it is smaller in size in larger in power. Yes, it is smaller but it is powerful and it is mainly used for indoor air-borne particle collection. It does not occupy a larger space hence providing owner the benefit of being compact.

Applications: Grinding, Sandblast application, welding, in pharma industries and in some types of chemical powder manufacturing unit.

4. Wood Dust Collector: There several wood industries that shred wood chips and sawdust when the log is under process. These particles are bad for health and as they have a larger surface area they are prone to some kind of mishaps. Hence a compatible wood dust collector will ease your work by collecting all the sawdust and chips so that any unforeseen consequences can be avoided.

Applications: It is mainly used in the wood industry, collecting peels of cashews and flour mills.

5. Cyclone dust collector: This type of dust collector makes use of centrifugal force to get the work done. They are mainly used in industries that need to collect heavier particles that are given out from the machines. 

Applications: Pulp and paper plants, Cement plants, Steel Mills, Petroleum Coke Plants and Metallurgical Plants.

Dust Collector

6. Fume Extraction System: Dust particles indeed form a major part of pollutants but some processes give out fumes as a waste product. Fumes can spread even faster and they are certainly not good for health. Hence it is attached with the processing unit to minimize the emission of fumes and un-burnt particles that are otherwise harmful.

Applications: Different types of welding processes, brazing and many other fumes emitting processes.

Trimech India team is here to help you in choosing the kind of dust collector that you will need for your industry. Do get in touch with our team and save yourself from installing or investing in the wrong option.

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