An Overview of Different Types of Industrial Conveyors

Every production industry requires a particular type of conveyor which are used in different processes like manufacturing, warehousing, packaging, and distribution. They help with positioning and conveying of the products before they get consumed.There are many models and types of industrial conveyors available in the market among which, we will try to throw some light on 6 major types.

You may often get confused to make an informed buying decision from all the types of available conveyors as a customer.This confusion can be avoided if you get a general idea of the most used and popular types of conveyors.

1.    Plastic Belt Conveyors

The plastic belt conveyor are the smart choice when your applications call for conveying products in large quantity. It can convey both loose and packaged products at desired location in the industry or outside the building. Plastic belt conveyor guarantees safety and effective transportation of delicate products.

2.    Sanitary Conveyors

Different applications where extreme hygiene is required, these sanitary conveyors are ideal to use. They have stainless steel components which can withstand high pressure wash downs and regular wipe downs. With the stainless steel components, the conveyors will not wear easily during wash downs.

3.    Stainless Steel Conveyors

If you are looking to convey your products in extreme environments such as in gas and oil industries. Here the conveyors are exposed to moisture, dust and other contaminants from which they can be wear easily. But the stainless steel saves it all and they can withstand in all type of hostile conditions.

4.    USDA Conveyors

These types of conveyors are used in pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries. They has USDA approved belting and high end wash down components and are manufactured from polished stainless steel. You can consider purchasing these conveyors without any further consideration if you are in a such industry.

5.    Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation conveyors act as a buffer zone where products can be accumulated between two machines or conveyors. They makes sure that products are conveyed in a safe and gentle way. Several models of accumulation conveyors are available such as vertical, horizontal and spiral.

6.    Elevation Conveyors

Elevation conveyors are a smart choice if you need a high speed elevation of your products in large quantities. They have high load bearing capacity, modular design and high operating speed.

Apart from these, there are some portable conveyors, indexing conveyors and aluminum conveyors are also available in the market which can make conveying easy and fast. You just need to evaluate your requirements before you but one. If you have some specific demands, you can also contact the top belt conveyor suppliers at Trimech India website, www.trimechindia.com

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