Belt Conveyor 10 Steps You Should Follow

Material handling in industries and other applications have become considerably easy with the use of conveyor belts. The material transfer capacity had increased which in turn had lead to increased productivity. Belt conveyor manufacturer have made it easy and safe for workers who are engaged in these work. Belt conveyor manufacturer have made it easy for material transfer but with ease comes a huge responsibility. It should be noted by workers and all staff members that conveyor belt should be handled with responsibility and appropriately. If not, it can cause injury. Hence belt conveyor supplier are setting up high standards when it comes to maintenance and working.

Here is the list of things you should know about belt conveying system

  • Don’t mess with belt conveyor: Belt conveyor manufacturer have made it clear though it is very obvious that one should not be treating belt conveying system casually. You are not supposed to sit or sleep or walk. It may sound funny but such occurrence happens during repair or maintenance. Treat your belt conveyor the way it should.
  • Regular training and knowledge update: Someone who is going to operate a belt conveyor should be trained and smart enough. He should be having presence of mind and be alert always. Even if the person is trained, it is important that belt conveyor supplier keep them updated about their belt conveying system.
  • Know their limit: Everything has a limit, may it be a human or a machine. Belt conveyors are bounded by the weight they can carry. Do not overload with materials for personal benefits. It can lead to overheating and malfunction.
  • Wear your safety: If you are working in area close to belt conveying system then make sure that you are loaded with safeguards. A hat, safety shoes, gloves and keep loose clothes and jewelry away from the belt conveyor.
  • Label properly: Belt conveyor manufacturer insists that belt conveying system should be labeled well at each moment. Each part of the belt conveyor should labeled in such a way that workers can read easily. The instruction should be written in such a way that they can be understood by even a layman.
  • Be focused: Be vigilant always. Any change in the movement or change in the operational noise should be immediately noted. If you notice anything not going smooth then stop the belt conveyor system and inform belt conveyor manufacture or belt conveyor supplier immediately. Also make sure to label it as ‘not in use’.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Belt conveyors should be kept clean. Maintenance for the belt conveying system should be done at regular intervals. Injuries and accidents can be prevented. Belt conveyor manufacturer says that the operators should keep a constant check on any jammed parts to help in smooth working of the belt conveyor.
  • Be ready for mishaps: Accidents, Injury or mishaps can occur anytime to anyone. The belt conveyor system should be thoroughly checked before starting. You should check that it is handy to stop in case of any emergency. It is always better to be safe than regret later.
  • Get to know your conveyor: There are different types of belt conveyor. It is advisable to get the information about safety and handling regarding belt conveying system that you are going to operate.
  • Experts on call: Though workers are fully trained to solve any problems that may occur in belt conveyor but it is advisable to call up experts according to belt conveyor manufacturer.

It is important to understand that safety lies in our own hands. Be safe.

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