Conveyors are the best support systems, for all the industries involving use of heavy supplies, for different operations.

Conveyors provide too much ease, in transferring heavy or bulk materials, of various densities and sizes, from one area to another, within the industries. These definitely help in removing manual efforts, and saving valuable time, for doing other work.

Trimech, best manufacturer for conveyors, have always tries to give their customers, best value for their products. We design various type of conveyors for different industries, like airlines, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, logistic etc.

Have a quick glance at our varied conveyors, for choosing the best, as per your requirements:

  1. Mechanical conveying system:
  2. Drag Chain Conveyors:These are used for handling heavier supplies, and are available in 200mm to 2000 mm width.
  3. Apron Feeders: These are capable of transporting materials, in both horizontal and inclining directions.
  4. Screw Conveyors:These are efficient in carrying heavy amount of dry supplies, as well as easily flowing smooth supplies. These are most trustworthy and reasonable.
  5. Bucket Elevators: These use buckets made from bottomless steel, which helps in elevating bulk materials, and easily picking them from ground. These comes with outstanding features.
  6. Belt Conveyors:These use belts for transferring bulk supplies constantly, without fails, using required frictional force.
  7. Pneumatic conveying system:These are most efficient, and offers utmost security, with negligible maintenance.


  • Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying System: These transfer materials, present in diluted form,using suspension pipe lines.
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System: These are non – suspension flows, used for carrying different supplies.


We provide all these, at the best reasonable rates, with full support.

Get ease and smoothness in your all operations, for living peacefully. Just order any type of conveyors online from us, at our website www.trimechindia.com.

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