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Have you thought anytime about the uncountable benefits, produced by Nitrogen plants in different industries?

Nitrogen is a vaporous and paleconstituentpresent in nature. It has its different applications like, during theformation of Nitric acid, explosives etc.

Trimech manufacturing company is a very experienced company, having its Nitrogen plant since 2008.It believes in supplying quality equipment to various sectors like Steel, Cement, Chemical, Power etc.

Trimech supplies nitrogen plants, which has its wide applications in many areas like:

  • Laser cutting functions
  • Used in formation of light weighted suppliesfor aerospace and aircraft
  • Used in tires, as it does not leak out like other gases, making tires smooth, with longer life cycle.
  • It is used as supervisory gas in sprayer systems, for preventing it from moisture which can lead to corrosion
  • Boiler tubes in power plant are dipped into cooling towers, which can lead to its contact with Oxygen, causingrust. At that time,Nitrogen can be used to clear dipped parts of boilers, to prevent it from being eroded.
  • It is used to provide safety to air bags
  • Used with other gases for welding of Steel, Cement, Chemical, Power etc.
  • It is also used to push liquids, to flow smoothly from pipelines
  • It also helps in stopping adulteration, making environment clean from impurities
  • It has its applications also in packaging, as it helps in removing staining and wastage.
  • It contains high cooling power, which helps in freezing biological specimens, tissues etc. and also foods and beverages.

Don’t you want your industry to be safe, hygienic and more functional?

Then select nitrogen plant for your industry, at convenient rates from Trimech Company, and see the great positive difference in your functionality.

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