Choose a Flexible Screw Conveyor for Fine Materials

How do you convey fine, powdery or granulated materials at your workplace? Many people find it a little difficult but it is not. There is one kind of equipment available in the market which helps to avoid spilling and contamination a product. It also has the ability of conveying materials vertically along with moving laterally.Well, that is called a flexible screw conveyor if you have not guessed it yet.

How does it work?

Flexible screw conveyors are the perfect choice to move materials inside of a cylindrical tube. It is an enclosed system and there is a screw inside the tube which transports the material in a way to continually move the material from point A to point B by rotating the screw in spiraling motion.

Conveying these fine materials in hard to reach location which is inaccessible for conveyance has the advantage of not being fixed to a rigid direction or angle. The enclosed tube follows the path to final destination where the materials needs to be transported at your workplace. Materials does not fall back like on a belt conveyor moving up an incline because of the screw that fills the whole tube area.This is how the conveying process becomes more efficient, faster and safer.


These flexible screw conveyors are commonly used in following industries:

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Agriculture industries
  • Mining industries
  • And many more

It is likely that you will lose a substantial amount of fine materials while moving them on a normal belt conveyor. This can be too costly for your business. While on the other hand, here in screw conveyor, none of the materials will be lost due to enclosed system. Moreover, these materials can gather on the rollers of a belt conveyor and damage the equipment if you use it. This is how these flexible screw conveyors become cost effective solution to your business.

Flexible screw conveyors are by far the most versatile among all other types of screw conveyors. You will see less wasted materials and save increase your profit by having them at your workplace. Contact Trimech India to get more details about it at www.trimechindia.com

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