Choosing the correct kind of conveyor belts

How would you go for the right machine for your industry? This is the most crucial part as it’s a onetime investment you are doing with your company. You even need to have an eye on the quality of belt conveyor used as that makes the process smooth and even selecting a wrong belt can lead to a drastic effect on the throughput and its safety.

You would definitely find a wide variety of belts into the market, you must need to go through all the below points before buying any conveyor belt.

  • Is the conveyor belt strong enough to carry the weight, size and distribution of the product throughout the work process?
  • What is the material of the product is made of which is placed on the conveyor.
  • Would it going to be an impact on the machine while the material is getting loaded into the machine.
  • What would be the speed of the machine.
  • What is the environmental condition where the process is going to be taken.

Even operating such massive machines looks difficult in the starting but it is actually not. The belt conveyor consists of a wide group of inner carcass under a cover. Here are the different types of conveyors that are used for different purposes:

  • General Purpose belts
  • Plastic Belting and Chain
  • Hinge Metal Belting
  • Woven Wire Belting
  • Flat wire belting

Here are the few applications of such conveyor belts:

  • Freezing food
  • Parts transfer
  • Washing
  • Inspection

And much more, these are having numerous operations to perform. Trimech India is one of such companies who supply such product and services.

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