Considering if’s and buts while opting Pneumatic Conveying

Three Pneumatic Phases

While considering what kind of material you are conveying, you have to consider the three essential classes of conveying. Understanding these stages will determine the best stage for your application.


Dense stage pneumatic conveying utilizes a low speed framework. The material is not suspended noticeable all around stream and there is substantially less wear and tear on the material and system. Friable materials require this sort of framework for its low speed to decrease harm to the particles. Materials that are somewhat hygroscopic will likewise likely not require the utilization of air drying gear.


Only a part of the material is suspended noticeable all around stream for a semi-thick stage. This framework is perfect for use with items that are in an aeratable state, for example, concrete or fly cinder. This stage ought not be utilized with bigger particles, long pass on separations or material with high dampness, since they are inclined to packing in the line.


This is a high-speed framework where the material is continually suspended noticeable all around stream. Material won’t gather at the base of the pass on line anytime. It is best with non-grating, non-delicate material with a light thickness, for example, flour or cornstarch. Bigger materials require much higher wind current to keep the particles suspended, and debasement for friable material can be an issue because of the speed.

In what manner Should You Convey It?

There are a few different worries to remember when deciding on a pneumatic movement framework. Static charge can be decreased by grounding the pass on line and framework hardware. What’s more, lethal materials ought to be utilized with vacuum frameworks to keep spillage from escaping into the earth. Finally, a few materials can shape touchy blends when presented to air, and substitute gasses can be utilized as a part of the transport framework.

To determine the best pneumatic conveying stage for your material and one of a kind application, we urge you to download our new infographic, How Should You Convey It? To obtain your duplicate, just snap here or select the catch beneath.

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