Conveyor Safety Net Configuration Help

Industries use overhead conveyor as a material handling system, and it is a very common design. With the help of overhead conveyor, valuable floor space is saved and can be used as an area for other working. While using overhead conveying system, proper safety features should be included for a safer working environment for your employees.

The most common safety feature used here is netting. Netting help to prevent loss of time due to material handling spills, or employee injuries. A netting design which is aesthetically pleasing to compliment has become common practice for every industry now.

Here we present safety netting configuration help by which you will be able to create a safe working environment:

Specifying Your Conveyor Safety Netting

  • First of all you need to determine the mesh size and the capacity of your safety netting. To do this, you have to consider all of your products first.
  • Determine the amount of required horizontal, vertical and linear coverage at your workplace
    • Take the sizing of width and length for the netting
    • Remember where the netting section meet, they often looped together. So place these seams near tail assemblies or drive locations carefully.
  • Next, you need to determine the design of netting cable. Appearance and application of the cable is checked while doing this. You may go for box-shaped netting which is recommended by Trimech India. It has consistent look and provides maximum coverage for safety of your employees.
  • Lastly you also need to determine the cable mounting design which depends on your overhead conveyor ceiling hangers and drops.

Many companies provide custom designed safety netting for every type of material handling application. You just need to forward them the drawings of your racks of conveyor system and they will provide you the exact proposal and quotation.

We, at Trimech India, hope that about guide will help you to follow standard safety process and configure it very well. Further you can also have a look at our latest material handling equipment which offers the best safety for working environment at www.trimechindia.com

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