Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying for Industries

Conveying of dense materials such as pharmaceutical processing, bakery and food processing, find powders, and milling can be done using specially designed pneumatic conveying systems. Here you need a highly efficient pneumatic conveyors which can perform this task very well.

Trimech India a specially designed conveying system which is designed to carry high bulk density mixed material more efficiently. These rotary feeders uses pressurized air to carry out this process without any hassle. These pneumatic conveyors also advances material consistency and feeder energy consumption is optimized in a better way than single-induction feeder designs.

To move your bulk materials, dense phase pneumatic conveying system uses a relatively low velocity motive gas, relying on a high pressure differential. Let’s talk about the benefits it offers.


Another benefit of this dense phase pneumatic conveying system is that they are very energy efficient. This energy efficiency is provided by an ACS variable frequency drive which can reduce power consumption by controlling feeder drive speed based on the requirements of the performance of the system.

Superior sstrength

This conveying system has superior strength in solidification and composition of the housing’s metallurgy. These systems are available in different options of steel and iron with different heights which makes it very strong. These feeders provide optimal service at different working place temperature.

Air Injection

Another benefit to consider here is that the can incorporate air injection within the conveying system. With the help of it, these systems can work more efficiently and it can be ensured that the bulk materials move properly throughout the entire system.

At last, I would like to mention that these dense phase pneumatic conveying systems offers a number of advantages as compared to other systems. The flip side of the coin is that they require specialized expertise to make sure that it is the best choice for your industrial requirements. As each bulk material handling system has some pros and cons, so does this! A great attention is always required to be paid on this machinery while on the work. You can get more details on it at our website www.trimechindia.com

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