Different Range of Conveyor Belts available in the market

There is a large range of industrial conveyor belts offered by on conveyor belt manufactures. Here are some of the popular products:


They are highly resistant to cuts gouges and cuts for the specific size and type of material to be handled. They are also abrasion resistant. These conveyor belts mostly used in all process and mining industries.


These conveyor belts are highly abrasion resistant and mainly used to convey materials like surface coal, cement, lime, ash, asbestos, bauxite etc. However, they are not as good resistant to cuts as M24.


These range of products are suitable for continuous high temperature and highly heat resistant. They can be used in chemical, paper, foundries and fertilizer plants.

SHR (T2)

SHR (T2) range is mostly used for handling very hot materials (up to 160c-180c). Their applications are conveying Clinker, Coke, Pellet, Sintered ore etc.

SHR (T3)

This range of conveyor belts are used for conveying in high temperature environment and very suitable for materials those are even hotter than 180c. They can handle any type of red hot materials such as Phosphate, Sintered Ore, Clinker, Cement etc.


This range of belt conveyors are recommended to use in such a place where materials are exposed to flame such as coal, grain, oil industries. They are manufactured by following international and Indian standards.


Well, if you are looking to provide resistance to animal fat, vegetable oil, grease, mineral oil etc, then these range of OR conveyors can be used. Industries like food, automobile, chemical and fertilizer uses them.


SAR stands for super abrasive resistance. As the name suggests they are best used where high resistance properties with high abrasion is required.


If you are looking for a perfect conveyor for tea, sugar, pharmaceutical, and food industry, then this range of hygienic conveyors are mainly used.

Apart from this, there is a large range of conveyors available with Trimech India. They include, packaging, ash handling, elevator belting etc. If you are interested to receive free quotes and free consultation on having a material handling equipment at your workplace, then visit our website at www.trimechindia.com

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