Different Rotary Airlock Valves

Known by many names like rotary valve, rotary airlock, star feeder, star valve, vane feeder, rotary airlock valves have been served industries for decades. Rotary airlock valve manufacturers have been producing a number of products for different industries over the years. It is you who should determine how you select the correct one.

A rotary airlock valve can be used as an airlock to separate high pressure area from a low pressure area. But, you should know that until it does not stop the leakage between them, it is not a good airlock. It should separating both the areas very well by the airlock.

To talk about its installation, it is installed at the beginning of the pressure system where it feed material into pneumatic conveying system. It also takes material from one pressure point to another pressure point. It is installed at the starting point of the vacuum system, where its job is to meter product.

Valve can be used as an airlock or a feeder when they leaves the manufacturing facility. Have a look at two truths of rotary valves from our perspective:

  1. If the valve is used as an airlock, it will give less fill efficiency as compared to rotary feeder
  2. If the valve is used as an airlock, it will wear out faster than a feeder

Being a top rotary airlock valve supplier, we produce following types of airlock valves:

  1. Rotary airlocks and rotary valves
  2. Side entry rotary airlock
  3. Blow thru rotary airlock
  4. Easy clean rotary airlock
  5. Standard duty rotary airlock

Salient features of our products:

  • Robust and compact design
  • Packing gland type seals
  • Outbound bearings
  • Different combinations of rotor vanes to suit different applications
  • Minimum clearance at rotor tips and sides with body
  • Heavy shaft diameters which minimize deflection

Trimech India provides a complete range of rotary airlock valves that suits a number of applications. Our products are work efficient and maintenance free. To see our wide range of rotary valves and receive free quotes and consultation, you can visit our website at www.trimechindia.com.

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