Everything you need to know about a Flexible Screw Conveyor?

These are ideal for lifting materials from bag dump stations to lifting stuff at great height to feed a line of processing or packaging machines which can also be placed along horizontal sections.

The reliable, yet simple and low maintenance flexible screw conveyor manufacture ruses a single moving part to transfer dry material from one location to another.

These conveyors are very much flexible as its names stands and are versatile. Using these you can easily go for bend in any direction

Let’s list out the the various features it has.

1) Long working life

2) High Capacity

3) Require less maintenance

4) Easy operation

5) High functionality

These are also known as helix conveyors, screw conveyors, spiral conveyors and auger conveyors) which offers a variety of functionalities as discussed.

It has printed is standards in efficiency and versatility. The conveying bulk materials are available in a huge variety and ranges free-flowing non-free, large pallets, powdered forms products.

Here’s the few listed benefits it offers.


  1. Gentle Product Handling
  2. Greater Hygiene
  3. Easy to Clean
  4. Total Containment
  5. Dust-free
  6. Constant Remixing
  7. Low Cost
  8. Low Maintenance

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