Fly Ash Conveyor Systems

Fly ash drag conveyor systems are also known as fly ash drag chain conveyors. They are manufactured and used for powerful ash conveying and ash handling in different industries. These fly ash drag conveyors are made from abrasion-resistant and heavy duty steel which helps to reduce maintenance and wear & tear.

These fly ash drag conveyor systems are made incredibly reliable and durable with the help of sturdy construction process. Fly ash drag conveyor systems from Trimech India come as a complete package. Trimech India provides them with drivers, motors, gear reducers and couplings which all together makes it a perfect system to handle and convey ash.

Technical Details

Trimech India has researched a lot and made a typical ash conveyor system design which incorporates a single strand chain which is made out of highly durable and strength drop forged Cr-Mn steel. Stainless steel conveyors and custom metallurgist are also provided for use in highly corrosive environments in different plants. Forged links in our -fly ash conveyor system are heat treated well to perform exceptionally.

We manufacture fly ash handling systems which allow vertical, horizontal and combination of both the styles to provide high capacity ash conveying and handling as required.We, at our manufacturing plant, have attempted to design such a systems which can as high as 70 degrees on inclined with 100% conveying efficiency. Our systems come with ash conveyor casings that are specially designed for dust/air tight operation with replaceable wear liners for erosion protection.

Additional Features

Our fly ash conveyor systems have additional features like abrasion resistance, split hardened sprocket teeth with split hubs and much more. These features provide unique shear pin roller chain drive sprockets and easy replacement for overload protection.

Fly ash conveyor India have special tight shut-off, quick opening, and access doors of stainless steel construction at each end of the conveyor systems. Additionally, all shafts are sealed tightly for dust tight and air tight hassle free operation.

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