How oxygen generator works for medical health?

Oxygen Generator Works for Medical Health

Did we ever imagine that a day would come in our life when we would be in a dire need of oxygen gas for survival? The pandemic has made us realize the value of oxygen gas in our life. However, not used domestically but ever since the onset of the pandemic; the use of medical oxygen is rising. There were times when patients go critical due to a lack of oxygen in the hospital premises. People suffered the loss of their loved ones only because this life-saving gas was not available at the hospital. Isn’t it thought-provoking? 

Trimech India is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of PSA oxygen gas and oxygen generators. The oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen on-site from the compressed air. The produced oxygen is then supplied to the relevant department for medical purposes. Looking at the current situation, we can say that hospitals will have to install oxygen generator plants to ensure that patients do not suffer due to a lack of oxygen.

Oxygen Generator

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With us, you can find medical oxygen generators in different capacities. It is equipped with an automatic start and stop function, a purity controller, and a visual alarm system. The oxygen generators are customized and well facilitated to use for medical purposes. However, we would suggest that the PSA method of oxygen production is the most preferred one.

In this method, two columns are used that are filled with Zeolite which is an absorbent material. The air is then passed through these columns the separate the oxygen out. During this process, the oxygen gas passes out from the column while the remaining air is directed back to the origin. When the concentration of Nitrogen gas in the column increases, it is removed from the column. The same process repeats in the second column also. The process continues until all the nitrogen is removed to obtain pure oxygen.

The advantage with having PSA oxygen generator is that one can obtain pure oxygen which is necessary for medical health care centers. Along with this, it is very cost effective. The hassle of waiting for the oxygen cylinders will vanish. The prevailing situation demands having an oxygen generator at the premises. The pandemic has taught us that situation can worsen or demand the need for gas anytime. Therefore, wisdom lies in installing a PSA oxygen generator at the hospital premises.

In this crucial time, Trimech India has lent a helping hand by providing oxygen supply when needed. If you do not have large premises then you can reach out to us. We can offer you a suitable solution so that you do not have to suffer oxygen scarcity.

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