How to determine the right bucket elevator for your application?

How to determine the right bucket elevator for your application

There are different applications, different requirements and so there is a need of different styles of bucket elevators too. Well, there is no doubt that bucket elevator is one good decision for your industry or a warehouse. You must also note that it is not something that fits anywhere. There are innumerable designs available therefore you need to determine the one that best suits your need. Trimech India has listed down some important steps that you must consider while investing in a bucket elevator.

  • The design of the bucket plays important role in giving the output in your industry. You need to consider the type of material that you will transfer in the elevator. Also, the weight of the material that will undergo transfer matters. Other than these, there are several points to ponder like:
  • The amount of moisture in the material
  • Is it slippery by nature?
  • Are they pallets or fine texture?
  • Whether the material is brittle or hard.

Right Bucket Elevator

We understand that it is better to know more about the material so that you will never face any problems later with the bucket elevator. Besides knowing about the material, there are some other factors too that one should consider.

  • The speed at which the elevator will move
  • The space around the elevator
  • The space that the elevator will occupy
  • Most important, do you really need bucket elevator?

As a buyer, you must figure out your exact requirement. Well, our team at Trimech India is always there to guide you and help you determine the right bucket elevator for you.

  • You will need to know exact and specific type of elevator that you may want to have at your premises. What are the points that you will bear in mind here? Let’s check it out.
  • Do you need tall and wide one or a smaller one is OK?
  • Would you go for installing elevator at a height or rather prefer lifting the elevator high for material transfer.
  • Should the elevator be open, partially open or completely closed?
  • Do you need ventilation in the elevator?

These are specific points and one need to consider them very well. It is possible that you may not be able to answer all the questions but if we can answer most of them, then we are sorted well.

  • Understanding the configuration and working of the elevator is important to know. It is not always running up and down. They also have to go out of the way to get maximum output and working. Therefore, in such a situation; you must consider these points.
  • Do you want elevator to move inclined or stair step design?
  • Does the elevator have to go under the floor or parallel to it?
  • You may also want your bucket elevator to simply move up and down.
  • At times you may also want your elevator to rotate to 90 degrees.

Such elevators are the need of an hour. If a bucket elevator is designed as per the product type then they will surely work for the best.

Still confused? Get in touch with our team and they will be happy to assist you.

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