How to Pick a Cyclone Dust Collector?

Among hundreds of dust collector system options available in the market, cyclone dust collectors are being more and more popular in industries. They are available in several different versions like Belt Drive Push-Through, Direct Drive Push-Through, Direct Drive Pull-Through and more.

Today we are posting an outline on various cyclone dust collector systems which will help you to pick the right one:

Direct Drive Pull-Through Cyclone System

This type is also known as cyclone separator and is the most efficient dust collector in this its price range. Dust and other contaminants are pulled through the system with the help of top-mounted motors and fans. Dust particles are entered in the cyclone which prevent them from touching the fan. Dust forcibly comes out from bottom of the cyclone into the appropriate container due to the centrifugal effect of the cyclone.

After this process, if micro particles still exist, they can be exhausted to a bag house for further filtering. Once all the dust particles are cleared, the remaining clean air can be re-introduced into the room. These pull-through systems are typically suitable for removing potentially dangerous contaminants and abrasive materials that cause sparkles in a fan blade.

Direct Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

This type of cyclone systems use the same vortex as the pull through cyclone but there is one difference, the air is pushed through the system by the fan. Unlike the pull-through system, “air tight” system is not a concern of user in push-through system. Moreover, small packaging can be attained for the fan and motor assembly.

Draining of the mist is easily accomplished and can be fed back to the original reservoir for the chip and mist collectors which use the push-through system.

Belt Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

Third and the last type is Belt driven cyclone dust collector which is a great cyclone for customers who require a larger and higher HP dust collector. Belt driven system can be availed from 10 to 75 HP as per the need. Of dust filtration and removal.

Additional Cyclone Systems

Here are some additional cyclone dust collection systems which are less popular as compared to above three.

  • Motor-less cyclone units
  • Junior size, compact cyclone systems

We hope that once you will go through this article, all your queries regarding choosing a right cyclone system will be solved. You can contact us if you have more queries at www.trimechindia.com

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