You must be well familiar with the word Conveyors. As, these are most prevailing gadgets used nowadays, in different industries like manufacturing, airlines, shipping, logistics etc.

These are used for carrying heavy loads, which are complex to be carried manually, from one destination to another. Different types of conveying systems are there, for relevant purposes.

One of the finest type of Conveying system used worldwide is Pneumatic conveying system. These are used to handle loads of various densities and forms like liquids, solids. These are mainly preferred, due to their excessive sharp features like:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Steadiness
  • Agility
  • GreaterSafety
  • Huge material handling capacity for varying widths
  • Healthier operability

There are sub categories of Pneumatic conveying systems, which have their different importance:

  1. Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying System or Suspension flow system: These are also named suspension flow systems, as these encompass pipe lines, having suspension within them, which helps in transfer of liquids or watery materials of varying density. These are very efficient, and allows smooth transfer of supplies.
  2. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System or Non – suspension flow systems: These doesn’t contain suspension in pipelines, and hence are also named non – suspension flow systems.

These also have their sub – categories:

  • Moving bed flow type: In this type, dunes are used for carrying the materials, up to the bottom of pipelines, used for transfer.
  • Plug or slug type flow: In this type, materials are treated and handled like full bore plugs, separated from air bags.

You can choose any type of conveying systems, as per your desirability of industrial operations. But, from whom to choose is the important concern.

Choose a reputed manufacturer as Trimech Company,who can provide you the best systems, with full reliability at reasonable prices.

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