It is a known fact that Nitrogen and Oxygen gases are life savers. As, these have their applications, in wide range of processes.

Oxygen is used in formation of some chemicals like sulfuric acid, nitric acid etc., in industrial, chemical and medical procedures, and also in welding and cutting of metals.

In the same way, Nitrogen also has its wide range of applications in preparation of Nitric acid, explosives etc.

Trimech Company totally understands the essentiality of these gases. And, hence manufactures best Oxygen plants,and supplies quality oriented Nitrogen plants.

Applications of using a cycle Nitrogen plants supplied by Trimech:

  • Helps in preventing rust formation in boiler tubes, by clearing boiler tubes, effected by Oxygen, when dipped into cooling towers.
  • Used as security providers in air bags
  • Allows liquids to pass smoothly through pipelines
  • Helps in avoiding contamination
  • Used in eliminating wastage.
  • Helps in preparation of materials used in aerospace and aircraft
  • Mainly used in tires, for giving long life and smoothness to tires. It also prevents gases which can beleaked out.
  • Helps in preventing corrosion in sprayer systems, by being used as supervisory gas.

Specialities of Oxygen plants generated by Trimech:

  • Offers 2kinds of automation i.e.1w+1s
  • Provides added filtration level
  • Oxygen can be generated in this anytime, when required
  • Offers free after sales service for 2 years
  • Easy to be installed and operated
  • Displays by pass arrangement, with the help of rotameter
  • Contains separate air dryer, which helps in achieving required due point.
  • Contains fully automated systems, for reducing time and energy

It is the most crucial decision, which can hamper your industrial operations and growth.

So, choose Trimech, and rely on us for getting reliable and efficient Oxygen and Nitrogen plants.


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