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Oil and Gas Industries

Everyone is aware of the fact that the air is a mixture of gases where nitrogen is the one that is found in maximum proportion. Nitrogen is almost next to being noble because of it inertness. The modern industrialization has been using nitrogen gas for various applications due to its chemical nature. The oil and gas industry mostly rely on nitrogen because these two products are highly reactive and flammable. To ensure safety measures while dealing with oil and gas, industries are making use of nitrogen for cleaning tanks or to carry out other operations.

Nitrogen is like a saint. When it has the ability of not reacting with oil and gas, it also has the property of being immiscible. It does not mix with oil and water hence it better to use. Oil and gas industries make use of nitrogen gas so that they can cut down the contact of oxygen. Oxygen can easily react with hydrocarbons and lead to oxidation. The important use of nitrogen for oil and gas industry is listed below:

  1. Nitrogen pigging: Pigs are the device that runs through the pipeline so that all the remaining water can be cleaned up. Nitrogen being an inert gas, the pigs is filled with Nitrogen gas to ensure thorough cleaning. It is advisable to run inert nitrogen gas if you are thinking of performing major maintenance of your industrial pipelines.
  2. Nitrogen purging: This is an industrial technique where inert atmosphere is made to avoid undesirable and hazardous product. Oil and gas industries make use of nitrogen to create inert environment. When we make use of Nitrogen, it means that the proportion of oxygen will be limited.

Nitrogen gas ensures enough cleansing of pipes. Depending upon the type of product used, it is circulated either at high or low pressure. If you are looking for pure nitrogen gas, get in touch with Trimech India where we produce PSA nitrogen from our plant.

  1. Nitrogen blanketing: Tank blanketing is a process of applying gas to the empty tank walls before filling it up with oil or gas. Nitrogen blanketing means application of inert Nitrogen gas so that large amount of flammables can be stored. The storage tanks can be benefited greatly with nitrogen because of its inert nature. Moreover it will cut down the contact of product with oxygen gas so that oxidation or explosions can be prevented. The blanketing process will control the atmosphere of the tank in case of combustible or flammable liquid and reduces the risk of ignition.

Nitrogen is one of the important gases in various industries these days. The most important feature of nitrogen is that it is chemically inert. Get in touch with us to know more about nitrogen gas and their applications. Trimech India is one the leading manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen gas to different industries.

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