Key Benefits & Application of Lime Handling System

Application of Lime Handling System

Lime is an inorganic material that is mainly composed of calcium derivatives that are majorly used in industries. Industry owners may surely want to find a way by which handling lime would become easy. As it is a product that many industry owners are looking for, at Trimech India; we provide you with the best lime handling system. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of lime handling systems for years now. 

Our handling system will include all that is needed for the conveying of lime. However, the parts that we include will depend upon your requirements and demands. Lime Handling System is available in different forms and industries also use them in different forms. Hence it will depend upon what form of lime the industry wants to put in the conveyor for transportation. What matters here is the extensive knowledge about the product and its nature. Our experts know about the behavior and particle characteristics of lime hence they know what kind of design will work for convenient lime flow.


  • Used widely in sugar making industry for sugar purification.
  • Paper industry use lime for pulping out the pulp
  • Many chemical industries make use of lime
  • Glass manufacturing industries mostly make use of lime in the processing.
  • For industries that use boilers, lime is used as an additive in the boiler. 
  • Water treatment plant makes use of lime.
  • Almost all salt industries make use of lime for treating salt.
  • It is also widely used in the food and beverage industries.
  • Used in the process of smelting metals.
  • Widely used in the steel making process
  • Lime is used in agricultural activity to decrease soil acidity

These are some of the basic and prevailing applications of lime but its use is not limited to this only. Lime is an important ingredient in many of the processes.

Application of Lime Handling System

Now there are some key benefits associated with using the lime handling system.

  • The lime handling system is strong enough to support the lime conveying without any spillage or adversities.
  • The lime handling system that Trimech India provides can accommodate lime of higher capacities.
  • As each industrial need is different, we offer customization as per the need.
  • The types of machinery, apparatus, and systems from Trimech India always come with a solution. Therefore, the team is ready to stand by in case of any undeserving outcome. However, something like this has usually not happened.

It is best to put forward your requirement to us so that we can pour our suggestion to you so that you can have the best result. Do get in touch with our team for more details.

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