Know About The Industry Specific Lump Breakers

Industry Specific Lump Breakers

The products are made in a raw form and then there is a process to happen before the go for packing. The texture that they possess is not the texture that we want to give away to the consumers. Therefore it is important to let them undergo a process so that they look well-defined. Lump breaker is one such device that will help in giving finesse and desired particle size to the product. Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of lump breakers. We offer a range of products that provides from slow processed ones to faster one, depending upon the end product that clients want. Including a lump breaker in the process will resolve many hurdles that would occur otherwise.

Different industrial sectors will need a different type of lump breakers. To know more about it, let’s have a look at some of these points here.

  • A typically welded breaker made with carbon steel is used in agricultural applications.
  • Chemicals may have different natures and sizes therefore the lump breaker used here is made up of carbon or stainless steel.
  • Lump breakers used in breaking rocks are made up of stainless steel jaws lined up in a series. It also has a roll crusher and a rotating drum without teeth to facilitate the breaking of larger rock pieces to cut down into a desirable smaller size.
  • There are chances that sticky materials stick to the walls of the breaker and reduce its efficiency. Therefore in such cases, there is a need for Teflon coating so that the material does not stick to the walls and works with better efficiency.
  • Some lump breakers are specially designed to have a proper design and correct tooth-comb combination to break fibrous materials.
  • Some materials that release heat may reduce the overall working of the lump breaker. Hence to ensure the efficiency of lump breaker in such a situation; it should be designed in a way that there is constant flow in cool air in the system. A well combined two machine can do the work because there will be an even heat distribution resulting in better working and effective particle breaking.
  • Sometimes you may have a combination of different sizes of the material. In case there is a smaller percentage of larger lumps and a higher percentage of fine materials, separate them physically first. It will reduce the working time and energy both. Later, let the larger lumps go into the crusher or a lump breaker and the fine particles directly in the process.

Industry Specific Lump Breakers

The above ones are some of the many applications of lump breakers in several industries. Lump breaker solves many problems associated with the handling of the materials, breaking the agglomerates, reducing further processes, and much that we can address.

Industry Specific Lump Breakers

Trimech India facilitates the provision of customized lump breaker. We understand that to have an efficient working of the lump breakers; it should be made as per the requirement. Our sole aim is to provide our customers with a lump breaker that will do the needful for processing the material/ product. Our team is always ready to assist you in choosing the best lump breaker for your industrial need.

Let us know your material characteristic, your end product specification and the process of operation. With all this information on hand, our team will guide you with the best fit lump breaker for your industrial process.

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