Know about the Air Pollution Control Equipments from the specialist: Trimech India


Air Pollution Control is a rising amenity for all industries being a key player with gaseous and particulate emission control. Diverse Industry Sectors eye for a productive environment term where minimal particulates affect in due to their platform oriented specifications.

Products and Systems for air pollution control, and services in rebuilding the equipment handling particulate gaseous emissions, Trimech India focuses on resources that have a technological tie- up meeting all company standards for Air Pollution Control at an entire level.

With Constant Technological Upgradations, Innovative Product engineering, Trimech India has a technical experience in major fields like paper industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many more. We specialize in Dust Collection for an assertive productivity based on all varying industries like steel plants, foundries, granulating, buffing, polishing, fabricating, etc.

Trimech specializes in Design, Installation and engaged manufacture, supplying of Air Pollution Control Equipments, Ventilations, Fume Exhaust systems. These Systems are ideal on controlling air particulates from stationary sources, and offers original site invigilation, project managements and supply equipments.

Our Various Products are:

  1. Bag filters with Online Pulse Jet styles: to separate dust from Dust Laden Gases that helps to maintain atmospheric terms, capturing useful objects that can be reused.
  2. Dust Collectors – Reverse Pulse Jet Type and Cyclone Type: An autonomous cleaning system with a modular unit of filters, it is designed to operate continuously using a timed pulse of compressed air in cleaning rows of filters.
  3. Centrifugal Blowers: Centrifugal fan comprising of hosting impeller and drive collection

Know more about our Air Gas Equipments and Material Handling Equipments. Need a detailed overview of our products, Request a quote from our website regarding your specification. We can assist you with the best range and diverse material specification meeting top international standards.

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