Know Everything about Portable Dust Collectors

Problem of dust and fumes are faced by workers in the operation on fabrication from one station to another station. To overcome this problem, portable dust collectors are uses. They come with more of flexibility and can be operated very easily. Portable dust collectors works in affirmative pressure and works fine along with the intermittent use of the undersized different products in wood shops or other tight rigorous manufacturing facilities.

When your application demands portability and flexibility in dust collection, you would probably need quick and simple portable dust collector that offers all powerful dust, fume and smoke collection. With it, you will also ensure your employee’s health and safety and ultimately optimum plant efficiency.

Applications of Portable Dust Collectors

The following application profiles highlight the in-use benefits of our dust collection systems:

  • Dust collection for wood working
  • Used in portable and stationary applications
  • Dust collection for grinding and buffing machine
  • Cartridge dust collection
  • For single work stations up to multiple stations
  • Rubber mills
  • Carbon dust collection

Features of our Portable Dust Collectors

  • Good performing fan in the system
  • Chamber for internal spark
  • Portable unit
  • Totally enclosed motors
  • Energy saving
  • Low noise level
  • Easy and quick maintenance

Important Technical Features of Portable Dust Collectors

  • All our products come with superior quality parts
  • They come with DOL starter for motor safety
  • All electric motors in our products are strongly mounted
  • They can be easily maintained and cleaned as per client requirements

Why Trimech India?

Trimech India being the top dust collector manufacturer, produces a wide range of portable dust collector systems. Our teams of skilled professionals offer state-of-the-art portable dust collector systems with our excellent production facility for a number of sections of industries. Our dust extraction solutions deliver unbeatable, consistent, and reliable applications for a number of industries. We also manufacture customized units to suit exact requirements in any of your industry. For free consultation on your dust collection requirements and quotes visit us at www.trimechindia.com

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