Know about the Industry Specific Dust Collectors and Its Functionality

As per the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, it has been surveyed that majority of the dust collection systems are improperly designed or installed. Dust Collection units are an important amenity for industrial platforms to prevent air pollution aspects. Every Industry has its own specification with respect to the resources and process made in action. Keeping in mind all perspectives, we at Trimech India offer extensive configurations of Dust Collectors based on criterions that best suit your industrial environment. Our Highly functional Machines are built upon unique industrial features to rightly accommodate levels of application.

Diverse Industries like fabrication, manufacturing, food processing, have need of varying machineries with the same phenomenon, here we list out some major industry specific types of dust collectors to relieve in your company needs.

Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors

Industry specific: Aerospace and Automotive manufacturing Industries

Metal Processing applications such as sanding, welding, grinding, soldering, are much in common at Aerospace and Automation manufacturing industry specific environments. The Cartridge Filter dust collectors can be rightly accommodated at these industries to incorporate with the processing demands. With a significant amount of media per unit volume and non fibrous texture of dust particles, these dust filters can rightly process with the particulate emission at such places. The Cartridge typed Dust collectors consumes 30% less energy than that of a traditional one, and also comparatively low in maintenance level and operating costs.

Fabric Filter Dust collectors

Industry specific: manufacturing industries

Industry Specific manufacturing that exhausts a lot of fibrous volume dusts particles like for example wood and fibrous dusts can be more valuable and efficient with Fabric Filter Dust Collectors. The Fabric Filter Dust collectors have a filter media to release the dust particles into, and with that they have protective high inlet deflectors for the fabric bags to prevent the harshness caused by the abrasive dust particles over time. These units can be customized according to industry specific requirements to ace the productivity of environment.

Compact Dust Collectors

Industry specific: Mini manufacturing units

For Small Manufacturing specific industries dust collector utility machines can be occupied with portable choices, floor mounted or suspended mounted Air quality concerns in manufacturing or processing firm like fumes, gaseous vapors, dust, and contaminated air, a dust collector with Compact applicability is ideal. Compact Dust Collectors are ideal for controlling fumes, smoke, and dusts. These have advanced dust collector features with reliable construction and powerful cleaning system just as a larger standalone model.

The duct collectors have to be more industry specific so as to make productive outcomes with application wonders. Choose the right industry oriented dust collectors, still not sure about the suitability for your industry? We are here for your assistance. Request a quote for your specific needs we’ll assist you with the perfect equipment to felicitate your workability.

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