Know about the working, Types and Uses of the Trimech India’s Rotary Air Lock Valves

A Rotary Valve or simply an Air Lock Rotary Valve serves as a separator for high pressure area from low pressure; also it serves as a high leakage protection for the same. Rotary Air Lock Valves are priorly used in Pneumatic conveying, dust control and Flow Control applications; these have optimal durability depending upon process requirements of air lock.

The Air Lock Valve is installed at the initial point of pressure system loading, and also acts as a transfer for the pressure points. The Valves can be utilized as an Airlock or a Feeder, depending upon the perspective that has to be obtained.

  • If the valve is used as an airlock, it will give less fill efficiency as compared to rotary feeder
  • If the valve is used as an airlock, it will wear out faster than a feeder

Different Types of Airlock Rotary Valve

Depending upon the applications and the conditions over the Airlock Rotary Valves, following are the types of Rotary Valves.

Drop through Rotary Valve: Available in round or square units, these are usually called as the heavy duty valves.

Blow-Thru Valves: designed for pneumatic applications conveying line which require discharging into it. They are usually opted for the free-flowing materials which require clearing of rotor vane pockets.

Standard Duty Rotary Valves: An alternate to the Heavy Duty Airlocks, ideal for applications which do not need to have special robust valves and use standard airlock valves.

Trimech Rotary Air Lock Valves are Robust and compactly designed to attain higher productivity. These have outer bearings, and have heavy shaft diameters with minimize deflection. Also it has minimum clearance at rotor tips and sides with body and different types of rotor vanes to suit variant applications. To see our wide range of rotary valves and receive free quotes and consultation, you can visit our website at TrimechIndia.


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