Knowing Rotary Airlock Valves

Rotary Valves, also known as airlocks, rotary feeders, or airlock feeders are used to transport work material from one pressurized point to another unpressurized point, such as from a dust collector to a drum or bin. After the dust and particles are collected from material, it can easily be transited and collected using rotary airlock valves.

Rotary refers to the fact that during operation of a rotary airlock, the vanes turn or rotate. Airlock refers the device which acts as a seal or lock to the air between inlet and outlet ports. Rotary Airlock Valve functions on the basic fundamental of sealing the pressurized system. They seals against loss of pressure and air and makes it easy to control the flow of work material from hoppers, silos or bins to processing or conveying system.

The main advantage of Rotary Airlock Valves is pollution control. Other advantages include,

  • Clearance for best seal
  • Low height and easy to retrofit
  • Maintenance-free inboard bearings


Applications of Rotary Airlock Feeder

Rotary Airlock Feeders have a wide range of applications in different industries including:

  • Cement Industries
  • Mineral Industries
  • Grains Industries
  • Plastics Industries
  • Flour Industries
  • Gypsum Industries
  • Lime Industries
  • Coffee Industries
  • Cereals Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

Available Configurations

Being the leading Rotary Airlock valve manufacturer, Trimech India design and manufacture diverse products like,

  1. Blow Through Valves
  2. Drop Through Valves
  3. Side Through Valves

Additionally, they can also be individually customized to meet client’s exact processing specifications. Customized valves offer better optimality, reliability and worry-free operations. We are dedicated to offer high-quality, budget-friendly, economical products.

Why to Choose Trimech India?

Trimech India is top rotary airlock valve manufacturing and supplying company since 2008. After years long manufacturing and engineering rotary airlock valves, we consider ourselves proven experts in this field. We consider our client’s requirements as our responsibilities and we always ensure that they get the most efficient product from us. Contact us and discuss your required specifications with our experts. We promise to offer you the best possible solution to meet your requirements.

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